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ESSENTIAL: Finding Worth in Your Work During Uncertain Times

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Are you discouraged at work? Do you feel your job is no longer essential?

Essential: Finding Worth in Your Work During Uncertain Times is a 30-day Bible study devotional that will help you gain a fresh perspective on how you are essential to the world around you.

  • When your work fills you with self-doubt and you wonder if you're making a difference, what does that mean?
  • Does your work fulfill you enough to help you find a sense of purpose?
  • Are you like the 85% of the world's workforce looking for meaning in life and at work and not finding it in either place?

If there's one thing we need right now, it's hope and purpose. We must pursue calling and contentment in our relationship with God.

Each day features:

  • A brief devotional on your work as worship, and why you are essential in uncertain times
  • A question to guide your reflection
  • A prayer to open your conversation with God

Renew the connection between your calling to Christ and the good works God created for you in the marketplace. This men's and women's devotional will give you confidence as you glorify God for the good of others in your work and relationships. God calls people like you to guide people to Jesus and meet them in the marketplace, and that makes you essential!


Brian Sooy is the founder of Aespire®, a marketing agency and design consultancy that empowers business leaders with powerful brands that inspire people to listen, connect, and take action.

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Brian leads business leaders through a proven process to clarify their messaging, connect with customers, and design market-driven experiences so their organization thrives and sales grow.

Brian guides difference makers and business leaders of mission-driven organizations on positioning, marketing, and communications principles that help them connect their purpose and mission with their audience.

Brian served on the executive committee of top-rated charities, and advises nonprofit, social sector, and business leaders.

Visit to learn about organizations whose cultures have been transformed by the principles of mission-driven design and the Cause Manifesto.