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42 Rules for Driving Success With Books

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42 Rules of Driving Success with Books (2nd Edition)' will help you appreciate the ease of creation and the depth of value a book (or series of books) can create for your business. Whether you write the book yourself, have your clients/partners provide content, or have it ghostwritten, being the author of a book makes you an expert and being the expert gets you business. By reading this book, you will be informed and inspired by the stories and lessons of 40 other professionals that benefited greatly with their book.

The authors in this book wrote content that allowed them to demonstrate innovation, share their marketing strategy, improve client retention, and share tricks and techniques on using a tool or service. The fact that they put this content in a book gave their ideas weight and increased their credibility and reputation. Having their books show up on Amazon, and other physical and eBook locations as well as personally delivering their books to clients/prospects really helped to drive the impact of their message.

If you are a CEO, CMO, evangelist or someone in your company that needs to demonstrate thought leadership, drive lead generation, and increase revenue, 42 Rules of Driving Success with Books (2nd Edition)' is an invaluable read as it will help you catapult your success. Start your journey or enhance it today by applying the ideas and techniques contained in this book by 40 experts that have all used books for their professional success.


Mitchell Levy is CEO and publisher of Happy About and Founding Partner of CEOnetworking. He is a parallel entrepreneur running a number of simultaneous businesses including Happy About, CEOnetworking, and the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program. Happy About ( is a quick-to-market book publisher whose books utilize case studies, testimonials and war stories to share wisdom. CEOnetworking brings CEOs in a room monthly to help each other succeed. The Silicon Valley Executive Business program allows students to get a unique inside perspective of business directly from the CEO and 8 members of her staff. Mr. Levy is the author of the books "Happy About Outsourcing", "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006" and "", and sits on the board of directors at Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR). Mr. Levy was the Former Chair of at Comdex Fall and was at Sun Microsystems for nine years, the last four of which he managed the e-commerce component of Sun's $3.5 billion supply chain.