Habitudes Book #1: The Art of Self-Leadership

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This book is ideal for college first-year experience programs, introductory leadership courses, and anyone who is just starting on their leadership journey. Many schools are using this book to challenge their entire student body to become leaders and to nurture a thriving leadership culture on their campus and organization. The Art of Self-Leadership covers the following topics: Character Balance Time Management Core Values Mental Toughness Discipline Identity & Strengths Integrity Checks Commitment Emotional Security Personal Networks Responsibility Personal Growth The faith-based version of this resource has been developed as a tool for Christian schools and ministries. It includes a "Look at the Book" section that gives a biblical illustration for each leadership principle as well as additional discussion questions based on the scripture reference. Target Age Range: 16-24 years old Also available is the Values-Based Edition of this resource, for public programs and corporate settings.


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