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Like most organizations, your ministry started small and unassuming, simple yet trusting. You learned how to live by God's guidance...

And surprise! He blessed you out of your ears and now your members don't fit in your facility anymore.

What a great problem to have! Of course, guests can enjoy the view from the parking lot for only so long. Now it's time to build.

Unfortunately, build is a scary word for ministries. You have lot's of good questions: What steps do you need to take to establish a successful building campaign? Who should be involved in the administration? How can you develop realistic foresight? Accessible goals? And of course, how can you be sure that a capital campaign is God's will for your ministry at this time?

Get timely information on the subject here. There is much at stake with this critical decision, this eBook will answer questions and give you the ground work for continuing with the project. Whether the answer is YES or NO, get answers YOU need with this resource.

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