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Kingdom Business Success: Bring The Kingdom Of Heaven Into Your Business

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Are you struggling to find success in business and asking God, What's wrong? Why isn't it working? Author Jeff Ahern offers practical advice using biblical principles and his extensive management consulting background to show you how to bring the abundant life Jesus promised into your life and business.

In Kingdom Business Success, you'll learn: How to bring the Kingdom of Heaven into your business by partnering with God for success, implementing biblical principles, and making the paradigm shift necessary to see the abundant life Jesus promised operate in your life and business.

If you thought you were doing all the right things but still haven't seen the success you were expecting, then this is the book you have been looking for. Kingdom Business Success will transform your life and business.



Jeff Ahern is co-founder of Sozo Services, Inc., an executive coaching, spiritual advisory firm helping business leaders succeed and achieve their personal and corporate goals by using Biblical, Spirit-led solutions. Jeff works closely with Christian CEOs and business leaders and serves in a role that can best be described as a combination of business intercessor, prophetic voice, and business confidant. Jeff helps business owners and CEOs understand that where they will be tomorrow will be based upon decisions they make today, and then helps them obtain wisdom and understanding from the Lord in order to make better decisions. Jeff's passion is to help business leaders succeed in all areas of their life and business and fulfill their God-given assignment as marketplace ministry leaders.
A born-again, Spirit-filled Christian, Jeff has been walking with the Lord since 1985 and has been involved in providing management consulting and professional services to Fortune 500 and Government clients for over twenty years. He has a B.S. in Electronics Engineering and has served in the computer security, telecommunications, software development, and financial industries. As a former U.S. Naval Officer, he served on two destroyers. He is also a former member of the MITRE Corporation's Security Technical Center having provided computer security services to the Government, military, and Intelligence communities. Jeff has served as a Trustee and Board member for several non-profit and for-profit organizations and resides in Northern Virginia.


What's wrong? Why isn't it working? Where is God in all of this? are questions all Christian business people have struggled with at multiple points in their careers. Successful management consultant Jeff Ahern, in his new book, Kingdom Business Success, gives strong, practical, biblical advice on how we can answer these questions and more. This book is an excellent antidote to the secular/spiritual divide that plagues Christians in the business world today and gives a practical means toward helping us integrate our faith and work in a way that truly glorifies God and serves the common good.
Hugh Whelchel, Executive Director of the Institute of Faith, Work & Economics ( and the author of How Then Should We Work.

I have known Jeff Ahern very well for many years, personally and professionally. Several years ago, I began to speak to Jeff about writing and about getting some of the amazing truths of God that he has been operating in written and produced into some material that can affect the Body of Christ. I am so blessed that he has accomplished this. Jeff is one of those rare individuals who possess extreme knowledge and humility and is able to deeply understand and articulate spiritual truths as well as leadership skills that he has developed through his extensive background. I give my sincere endorsement to Jeff and pray God's blessings on his material.
Dave Yarnes, Executive Vice President of MorningStar Ministries Fort Mill, South Carolina

Once I picked this book up, I couldn't put it down. Rich with real world case studies, heart probing questions that force life-changing reflection, and sprinkled with the dry wit and side-splitting analogies he's known for, Jeff Ahern ties tried and true principles and practices with Kingdom released revelation in ways that leap from the page and propel new approaches. Run toward this book if you want to start doing business WITH God verses FOR God. Challenge yourself to read it if you want to be introduced to God, or become more intimately acquainted in the all in way than you ever thought you could. What's stopping YOU from moving forward faster? As Jeff says, We are all called to become like Him, and when He speaks, worlds are created. There's only one now, and one next. For every man or woman longing to move from player to finisher; for those seeking to take themselves and their business idea or venture higher, faster, and stronger than ever, this book is your now, and reading it should be your next!
Sher Valenzuela Owner, First State Manufacturing Inc.

What hope this author brings to a believing business owner's heart to learn of God's interest in the success of an enterprise when properly aligned with His Kingdom Purpose. I first met Jeff Ahern years ago when I attended a Kingdom Business Association conference for the first time, and our paths have crossed several times since. Admittedly, part of me came alive at that conference when the idea that a business could be a ministry was presented. I had never heard it stated so clearly before, but it immediately resonated with me. I knew that I knew it was true. So now what? Jeff answers these questions: who, what, where, when, why and how to do it in this book. An owner's manual for how to operate a Kingdom-minded enterprise. A step by step approach complete with valuable insight, and real world examples of why some business ideas fail and others succeed, and what you can do differently. This is an invaluable asset to anyone in business who desires to honor the Lord with the work of their hands, but lacks direction. Jeff Ahern not only gives you direction, but also provides a compass, a moral compass which just makes sense. Thank you Jeff for this wonderful book, your obedience in answering God's call to write it, and the Blessing it has been to me and will be to others as well. Get the book! Read the book! Study and apply the principles outlined in it. Use it like a workbook purposefully and allow God to bring His Kingdom into your business life in addition to your personal life.
Chuck Christie, President, Heritage Wealth Management Group

"Jeff Ahern is a man of wisdom. His leadership skills and wisdom go beyond the ordinary to bring a seasoned approach to bear on the senior decision-making process. His special anointing and insight for identifying and unraveling deep-seated, entangled issues attest to his unique ability to assess and navigate change. His quiet-spoken competence and strength enables his planning, coaching and strategy development talents to become a natural and integral part of team efforts that yield results."
Morris Ruddick, Global Initiatives Foundation.

You may also contact Jeff at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule him for speaking or leadership engagements.