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How to Find More Keywords For Your Books

How to Find More Keywords For Your Books

There Are Four (4) Ways, Actually Five (5) 

  1.  “Also Bought Items” – If you gave an ad targeting a particular book, that is working well, try advertising for that book’s “also bought items”, which will be similar books by the same author, or other authors. Write them down on a spreadsheet.
  2. “Also Bought Items By” – Same as “also bought items”, but on the author level – Have an author you want to target. Go to Amazon author page, scroll down to the “also bought items by” to find similar authors, then add their names in the spreadsheet, then “click” on their names, adding their book titles to the spreadsheet, and then to the “also bought” for these titles. Get it?
  3. Using Yasiv: [AMAZON PRODUCT VISUALIZATION]- Yasiv is a website that pulls data from Amazon’s “also bought” listings and presents them in a visual/graphical way. Put in a title, or an author’s name, and they’ll show you a bunch of related books, which will make it easier to fill in that spreadsheet.
  4. Goodreads Listopia- Just another excellent website for find user-created lists presenting additional ideas for your spreadsheet of keywords
  5. Google Keyword Planner- All four methods above provide additional ways to find or discover keywords related to author names and book titles. However, to find other type of keywords, i.e., sub-genres, etc., Google’s free keyword planner website is perfect!


Narrowing Down on The Ones That Work

After following the above suggested steps, you should have a big spreadsheet of “keywords”. So, now you’ll want to test them.

These are the steps you take to test the effectiveness of your keywords.

  1. Create a manual Sponsored Product Campaign; (a “test” campaign);
  2. Put all the keywords from the spreadsheet in there;
  3. Set a high bid and budget $10 - $20 to ensure your ads get served;
  4. After one week, identify which keywords are performing well;
  5. Put those well performing keywords into a new campaign;
  6. Stop the “original test campaign”;
  7. Continue narrowing the keywords that work well to working best.

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