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If you have a story to tell, let Leadership Books help you tell it!

Leadership Books is an emerging powerhouse in book publishing. We’ve joined the two worlds of traditional and self-publishing into one company that can help do it all.  Our capabilities and relationships allow us to create targeted and integrated book campaigns that mobilize high-profile contacts in your niche, capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing through social marketers, and extend your reach into the most prominent media publications.  Our authors have the unparalleled service of an Executive Editor, one who will work with you in putting your story ideas into book form.  Once that’s completed, our professional designers will work with you to design the cover and interior to make your book ready to sell.   

Leadership Books markets your book by distributing to every major book seller on three continents.

Our Story:

Popular Christian author Michael Stickler and his publishing mentor, Arthur Ritter, identified a need in the publishing industry. The fact: Traditional publishing had become nearly impossible to break into. Self-publishing became so popular that the market had become flooded with writings that did not deserve to be printed. Good writers didn't seem to have a chance to get published through the traditional publishing houses and if they went into self-publishing, if they didn't know how to market their works (and almost did not) and so, they would never seen.

Of course, no successful company works without a world-class acquisitions process. That's what Faith Burns brings to the team. Together they have built a superb team of editors, designers, and marketing professionals to serve the needs of great and marketable authors: Authors who are ready to change the world.

If you have an idea that you are considering bring to the world of readers who need to read it, please explore our Publishing Services.

If you have published a book and need a forum for its marketing, please explore listing it on our virtual bookshelves to get a world-wide reach at our Listing Services.

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