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Arthur W. Ritter, BEE, MPA, MBA
Elder, Presbyterian Church U.S.A
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force (Retired)


“Art” Ritter has 50 years’ experience with business writing and presenting. A Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, he served in the Air Force 26 years, providing presentations and papers to general officers at command and General Staff levels, while completing the three levels of USAF officer schooling and Masters of Public Administration and of Business Administration degrees.

Over the next “20,” he advised business and religious institutions on formation, organization, governance, process design, client relationship management, marketing, and both staff and product quality definition, design, management, and performance.

Long-associated with Leadership Books, Art is its Chief of Operations, providing executive and development editing services, editorial management and training services, and organizational and process design and development advice to the Group since its publishing effort began.

A life-long Presbyterian, Art is still married to his college sweetheart, father of two, and grandfather of three.

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