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Four Dynamics of Encountering Scripture

Four Dynamics of Encountering Scripture

As ministry leaders, we’re meant to live out of the Scriptures. Or perhaps it’s better to say that we’re to live in the Scriptures, then live them out.

I appreciate how Dr. Ken Boa defines encounters with Scripture. He says, “When I think of ‘encounter with Scripture,’ I’m thinking about showing up before God with an open heart and with an open Bible and expecting that He is going to really open something to you. You may not feel anything; it may not be something palpable, but my view about the matter is that you’re putting yourself in a greenhouse, as it were, for growth.” 

Raise Your Vision | Four Dynamics of Encountering ScriptureKen describes four dynamics that are essential parts of our encounters with Scripture:

  • Knowing the text. This comes from reading the portion of Scripture. 
  • Understanding the text. This is the fruit of prayerful study.
  • Experiencing the text. Ken calls this “chewing on the text.”
  • Applying the text. That’s where you take knowledge and apply it to real life situations in person-specific and situation-specific ways. Application is the dynamic that Scripture itself stresses the most.

What could be more important for our spiritual health as leaders than encounters with God in His Word?

You can learn more at Raise Your Vision Online Forum.


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