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Ghost Patriot – Introducing the next Best Seller by Author Mike Stickler

Ghost Patriot – Introducing the next Best Seller by Author Mike Stickler

Without question Ghost Patriot is the next best-seller for anyone who has followed the Cliven Bundy story. For those who are not familiar with the ongoing saga, Cliven Bundy is an American cattle rancher who was charged and underwent pre-trial detention for his role in the 2014 “Bundy Standoff” – an armed standoff in Nevada with federal and state law enforcement over defaulted grazing fees. Arrested by the FBI in 2016, Bundy was held in custody in a federal prison, until acquitted in 2017 when Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial and dismissal of the charges due to the federal government withholding potentially exculpatory evidence.  

Ghost Patriot is a novel that closely follows the corruption of the United States government that specifically outlines the over-the-top activities from the White House to local municipalities including not only the states but the local Texas Rangers to those citizens who were simply in the wrong place and the wrong time coming on their on accord from all around the United States – and all they believed in was protecting the freedoms that every American citizen should afford. This heart wrenching book is already getting the immediate attention of film producers around the world.

Expect a page turner from front to end and most likely the most unexpected ending any reader would ever anticipate. After all, who could image the worst national reporter on the planet teaming up with a bunch of patriots combined with very wholesome souls who fostered a home for all the lost boys that came home to protect the founders. And, not to mention the actions of the head of the (Forget the title sorry), who made direct actions to completely dispel the situation and died in quiet. The Ghost Patriot is without question a shocking read and an eye-opener for not only Americans but those abroad. A book that anyone will read wanting more. Avid readers will revel in the utter corruption of the United States government from the highest levels, citizens who stepped up from all realms to help, will laugh at the absurdity of new relationships and shed tears in between, and most importantly believe in our country.


Author Michael Stickler
About the Author:
Michael Stickler is a highly gifted best-selling author, producer, ex-felon, philanthropist, horseman, and internationally sought-after conference speaker. His best-selling book, Cliven Bundy American Terrorist Patriot quickly made the bestseller’s list, revealing the truth of what is extensively and publicly known as the “Bunkerville Standoff.” Mike’s most recent book, Life without Reservation is widely acclaimed in the Christian community.
Ghost Patriot


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