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Leadership Board Development - Planning Or Setting The Overall Direction Of The Organization

Leadership Board Development - Planning Or Setting The Overall Direction Of The Organization

Leadership Board Development - Planning or Setting the Overall Direction of the Organization“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” This adage is profoundly applicable to ministries and other service organizations seeking to bring change to their communities. Everywhere we are surrounded by identifiable needs for everything from evangelism and discipleship to meeting the most critical needs of the less fortunate. Your organization, in order to be as effective as possible, must have a clear and compelling vision of its purpose. Without that, defining and planning the work to be done becomes unclear and not so compelling. A likely result is over-reach, frustration, and burn-out.

The leadership board must adopt, proclaim, and reinforce the organization’s vision in all that it does. The adoption of the vision may be as simple as the vision that drove the founder(s) to get all this started in the first place. It may also be the result of a dedicated effort on the part of the board to clarify the organization’s vision through a carefully planned and orchestrated process of discernment.

Once the vision of the organization has been adopted and laid claim to by all members of the board, planning mission, strategy, and development will have a clear sense of direction and priority. Very simply, every idea or proposal can be evaluated as to its coherence with the vision; the vision will become the basis for everything the organization will do.

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About Michael Stickler Mike Stickler

Mike is an author, radio host, and a highly sought after motivational speaker. His best-selling book, A Journey to Generosity, is widely acclaimed throughout the Christian community. Mike Stickler is the founder of The Vision Group, LTD. This organization offers ministries and nonprofit foundations a Christian perspective in overcoming the challenges of raising funds.

Over the course of his career, Mike has published over forty books that have made a difference through thousands of churches, nonprofits and foundations as they serve the world.

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