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Listening to books can really help kids get better at reading. Here’s why:

Listening to books can really help kids get better at reading. Here’s why:


  1. Understanding Stuff Better: When you listen to someone reading a book, it's easier to understand what's going on. You can pick up on how words are said and the feelings behind them. That makes it easier to get what the story is all about.

  2. Learning New Words: Audiobooks use all kinds of words. When you hear them in a story, it helps you remember them better. Plus, you learn how to say them right, which is super helpful.

  3. Loads of Books to Choose From: Audiobooks have all sorts of stories – old ones, new ones, funny ones, serious ones. You name it, you can probably find an audiobook about it. That means you get to hear lots of different kinds of stories and learn about all sorts of cool stuff.

  4. Helps with Listening and Reading: Some kids learn better when they listen to stuff instead of just reading it. Audiobooks let you listen while following along with the words. It's like doing two things at once and can make reading feel easier.

  5. Talking Better: When you listen to someone reading, you start to sound like them. That means you get better at talking like the characters in the book, which makes reading out loud or talking about the story more fun.

  6. Good for Kids Who Struggle: Some kids find reading hard. Audiobooks can make it less tough because they get to hear the story instead of just trying to read it. It's like having someone help you along, which can make reading more enjoyable.

  7. Read Anywhere, Anytime: Audiobooks let you listen to stories wherever you are – in the car, while cleaning your room, or just chilling out. You don’t need to sit still with a book; you can listen and do other stuff at the same time.

  8. Think and Talk About Stories: When you listen to audiobooks, you can talk about what you heard with your friends or family. It’s fun to share what you liked or didn’t like about the story. Plus, it helps you think more about what's going on in the book. 

So, listening to audiobooks can make reading more fun and help you get better at it. You get to hear cool stories, learn new words, and even improve your talking skills. It's like having a friend read to you whenever you want!


Lois Letchford’s dyslexia came to light at the age of 39, when she faced teaching her seven-year-old non-reading son, Nicholas. Examining her reading failure caused her to adapt and change lessons for her son. The results were dramatic. Lois qualified as a reading specialist to use her non-traditional background, multi-continental experience, and passion to assist other failing students. Her teaching and learning have equipped her with a unique skillset and perspective. As a teacher, she considers herself a “literacy problem-solver.”

Reversed:  A Memoir is her first book. In this story, she details her dyslexia and the journey of her son’s dramatic failure in first grade. She tells of the twist and turns that promoted her passion and her son’s dramatic academic turn-a-round - as in 2018, he received his Ph.D.

You may also contact Lois at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule her for speaking or leadership engagements.

Reversed A Memoir


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