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Ten Things You Should Know to Get Published (Part 3)

GetPublished | Ten Things You Should Know to Get Published  (Part 3)

GetPublished | Ten Things You Should Know to Get Published  (Part 3)Writing a book is HARD WORK, requiring a detailed and well-thought-out process to bring your idea to fruition. Previously, I shared six of the ten items authors need to Get Published. These first six were:

In other words, being passionate about the topic of your book ‒ not just about the idea of writing a book. Be a Story Teller: People remember stories and relate those stories to their friends, family, and co-workers. Be Reader Conscious: As you write every sentence think about – and even imagine – the reaction of your audience. Answer the Question “What is the Market Need?” A book that sells is a book that fulfills a need in the lives of its readers. Get it on Paper: This means coming up with an outline for your book manuscript in some format. It Takes a Team: Writing a book is a team effort, and you will need multiple editors, a cold-reader, marketers, and many others ….



The ‘Final Four’ of the Ten Things You Should Know to Get Published are:

1. Stay in Your Lane – Authors very often try to be ‘all things’ ‒ from editor to social media guru ‒ instead of focusing on being the storyteller. Previously, I mentioned that a lot of other people on our team will edit and refine your thoughts and organize your material into its most logical format. Still, some authors want the “heavy hand” on their project when they need only a “light hand.” That means some letting go and trusting the other experts on the team to edit and market your book. While as the author, you both guide and are part of the process, everyone else on the team has their parts, too.

2. Be Prepared to Work Hard Once Your Book is in Print – The common misconception among most new authors is that their job is complete once the book is published. Nothing could be further from the truth! Once the book is released, the next task (which actually begins before publication) is publicity – in other words getting people to talk about and buy your book – call it “creating a buzz.” While the publisher will do some of this, you need to be willing to put in some work, too, because unless you’re an established author with a considerable following, your book won’t sell itself. You must be willing to go out on book tours, appear in radio and television interviews, and participate in other public relations efforts to create the proper buzz about your book.

3. Start Working on Your Next Title – Often, when we look at a book project, we will see three or four titles, perhaps even a series. Unknowingly, authors will have enough ideas for several books, either on diverse topics or with focused-series themes hidden in their project, so you need to begin ‒ thinking that far ahead. Thankfully, being “out there” on the publicity trail while marketing your first book, often helps clarify what these next projects should be.

4. Have a Platform for Promotion – As an author, you must have a platform to establish your personal brand and promote your book. If you’re already a pastor or public speaker, you have a brand ‒ and you’ve begun building your platform, but if not, now is the time to start. Begin with social media. And through it, build and communicate with your audience of potential book buyers. If you’re shy about the public speaking (the number one fear of most people, even over death!) or its aspects in video-blogging, consider doing a book reading rather than a formal talk.

As I previously mentioned, you must be willing to tell your story live on the publicity trail ‒ and here, tell it via your platform, i.e., the social media outlets you use, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Having a platform is CRUCIAL to your success as an author ‒ and our team can help build it. Remember, if you don’t sell the first book, no one will buy the second one.

The Bottom Line: Stay flexible! Because as you work through the writing and editing process, you’ll find a lot of people that will come alongside to help you reach your goal.

We welcome your feedback about the “Ten Things You Should Know to Get Published

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