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The Seven Best Books On Biblical Leadership Secrets

The Seven Best Books On Biblical Leadership Secrets

The Bible is one of the most-read books in the world and has inspired millions and billions over generations since Jesus Christ brought this exemplary faith to the world. He was a leader par excellence, so there are so many hidden leadership secrets in the Bible. Many Christian leaders have uncovered those secrets and published books on those invaluable secrets. The knowledge of these secrets will make anyone a competent and effective leader and an excellent source of personal and professional growth. Therefore, read the seven books below to gain this timeless knowledge and unleash the leader inside you.

John C. Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Laws Leadership”

John C. Maxwell is a highly-regarded speaker, author, leader, and subject authority. He unlocks critical leadership ideas from the Bible along with other sources in this inspirational book ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” All 21 laws in this book will help you become a superb leader guided by Christian principles and, therefore, a must-read.

J. Oswald Sanders’ “Spiritual Leadership”

J. Oswald Sanders explores the characteristics and qualities that the best Christian leaders of the world possess in this excellent book “Spiritual Leadership.” You will learn the crucial spiritual leadership characteristics, including humility, integrity, and vision, through biblical examples and suggestions. This is a must-read for anyone looking to become the best leader he or she can be.

Bill Hybels’ “Courageous Leadership”

Bill Hybels is the founding pastor of Willow Creek Community Church and, based on his valuable experience, provides the best of his knowledge on being a courageous leader. The idea behind the book is to focus on courage, and the advice in the book helps you to self-nurture this critical trait. His book inspires everyone to go out and spread the word of God through motivational stories and biblical teachings.

Dan B. Allender’s “Leading with a Limp”

Dan B. Allender examines the idea that all leaders are not perfect, but those imperfections can be perfections in his excellent book “Leading with a Limp.” Our weaknesses or imperfections are our greatest strengths when we see how God makes the most of those so we can accomplish His objectives. The book encourages readers to appreciate their weaknesses as leaders and offers an interesting insight into the subject matter.

Robert J. Clinton’s “The Making of a Leader”

“The Making of a Leader” by Dr. Robert J. Clinton is a comprehensive exploration of different biblical personalities and highlights the factors that impacted their efficiency and growth. This book is an asset to anyone wanting to become a better leader over time and is definitely a must-read.

Phil Hodges and Ken Blanchard’s “Lead Like Jesus”

Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges wrote this exemplary book, “Lead Like Jesus,” to teach readers about servant leadership as it is grounded in the life and teachings of the greatest of all time, Jesus Christ. The book offers a transformative strategy for leadership with stress on service, humility, and transparency with excellent examples and stories from the Bible.

Ruth Haley Barton’s “Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership”

Ruth Haley Barton’s “Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership” is an inspirational book on the importance of spiritual growth. She explores how one can grow into a thoughtful and true spiritual leader by way of boosting one’s relationship with God and the person’s inner life.

The six books detailed here all take a leaf out of the Bible to help explain how anyone can become a leader with God’s power behind them. All the books offer excellent advice and comprehensive analysis on leadership skills development and spiritual growth. You can become an excellent leader through these books, knowing you have the knowledge that Jesus Christ possessed.



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