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A Field Book for Higher Education Leaders: Improving Your Leadership Intelligence

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This book is a practical tool to aid both the novice and experienced administrator grow their leadership skillset. Scenarios of actual higher education situations (including solutions and rationales) guide the leader through analysis and reflection. Supporting readings along with various activities are included to aid in improved leadership.


Wanda Maulding Green is an educational leadership faculty member at the University of South Alabama and has served in leadership roles in both K12 and higher education. She is co-author of the book, Leadership Intelligence Navigating to Your True North.

Edward Leonard is a retired school superintendent and higher education administrator. He currently teaches leadership courses at the University of South Alabama and is co-author of the book, Leadership Intelligence Navigating to Your True North


This book is a gem for higher education administration programs. . . I highly recommend this book to leaders who want to improve their decision-making skills. . . Leaders must work at sharpening their leadership skills, and this book provides a safe and challenging way to practice these skills. No matter the chair's years of experience, situations arise that require high levels of leadership intelligence. This book provides current scenarios that challenge chairs on a daily basis. (The Department Chair)

Higher education leaders must be savvy and strategic thinkers, understand how to encourage and empower others, and possess empathy and judgement while maintaining the highest ethical and performance standards. The Leadership Intelligence Fieldbook places the reader in real life, risk free scenarios where these skills can be tested and strengthened. (Hank Bounds, president, Nebraska University System)

In a time when common-sense approaches to solving today's problems seems to be fading away, Dr. Green once again provides practical insight into handling the challenges that face our college and university leaders. Improving Your Leadership Intelligence Field Book for Higher Education Leaders is a refreshing approach of how to prepare higher education professionals to lead our institutions in ever-changing and demanding times. As Dr. Green points out, true leadership is defined as how we respond to today's challenges and become better, more effective leaders. (Jalynn Roberts, professor of research, William Carey University)