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I See Greatness In You: Unlocking Your Hidden Potential, One Man's Story, Everyone's Journey

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Larry Ragland's existence was plagued by a profound lack of belief in himself, as no one had ever uttered those life-altering words to him. But when he finally heard them, a seismic shift occurred within him. An untapped well of potential, long suppressed and buried, surged to life. Those five simple words became the catalyst that ignited his hidden greatness.

And the truth is, that the very same potential resides within each and every one of us. It is a universal inheritance, bestowed upon us from the moment of our conception. In our creation, we bear the image and likeness of God, destined for greatness. Yet, life has a cunning way of convincing us otherwise.

Within the pages of this gripping tale, you will journey alongside Larry, witnessing his harrowing experiences of abuse, devastation, rejection, and shame. But amidst the darkness, you will also witness the miraculous unfolding of revelation, renewal, and rebirth. It is a narrative of profound loss juxtaposed with the awe-inspiring power of restoration and redemption.

Larry's extraordinary storytelling seamlessly intertwines his own life with that of renowned Bible characters, inviting you to forge a fresh and intimate connection with their stories. Prepare to embark on a voyage of self-discovery, as you uncover the path to personal greatness. Rest assured, even the most revered heroes of the Bible had to traverse their own arduous journeys to reach their extraordinary destinies.

Remember, dear reader, that this is not solely Larry's story. This is your story too! The embers of greatness smolder within you, awaiting someone who can truly see them. Let Larry Ragland be your guide as you embark on an expedition of self-realization and embrace the untapped potential that lies dormant within. The time has come for your greatness to be seen and realized.




Incredibly powerful book! Such a moving testimony. It truly shows the redemptive power of God to take us through tests and trials and His ability to bring us through on the other side with a remarkable testimony! I love how relatable the author is and how he weaves in his story with some of the most well known stories throughout the Bible. This book is truly one of the most inspiring I have read in a while! If you're questioning your worth or purpose, or if you've bought the lie that you don't matter or will never amount to anything, this book is for you! If you only read one book this year, this needs to be that book!
– Jamie Sivak

Pleased to call Larry my friend. First let me say that this is a book you won't want to put down. I finished it in the first 24 hours I owned it. Well written and spoke to my heart. I have the utmost respect for Larry and am amazed at his journey through life so far.
– Warren B


Larry Ragland has more than 30 years experience in local church ministry. Alongside his wife, Sandy, and their two daughters, he founded Solid Rock Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Together they have pastored the same church for over 25 years. Larry is also an evangelist who has preached the gospel in several states and many countries. In 1996 he founded Ambassadors Bible College, which has equipped church planters, pastors, and missionaries around the world. Larry is the Founder and Director of Ambassadors Network - a fellowship of pastors, leaders, and churches from across America. His passion is to lead leaders and equip this generation for maximum kingdom impact.

You may also contact Larry at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule him for speaking or leadership engagements.