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LeaderSHOP Volume 1

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Do you wish you could eavesdrop on conversations with some of today's smartest thought leaders?

Here's your chance.

LeaderSHOP provides candid talk from experts like Stephen M.R. Covey, Brian Tracy, Doug Conant, Sally Helgesen, David Ulrich, Bill George, Laura Vanderkam, Mark Sanborn, and dozens more.

Coach and bestselling author Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan asks these experts the questions most pertinent to your success at work and in life. Their responses will inspire, motivate, and possibly even surprise you. And one thing's for certain: they'll make you smarter and better prepared to perform at the next level.

With a foreword and additional commentary by Marshall Goldsmith, the World's only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker, LeaderSHOP is sure to become a favorite item in your personal development toolkit.

In LeaderSHOP you'll get great ideas on how to:

  • challenge traditional definitions of leadership and success
  • deal with conflict in ways that strengthen relationships
  • cultivate personal gifts you didn't even know you had
  • create a to-be list that's more helpful than a to-do list
  • navigate office politics while advancing your own good causes
  • strengthen your personal and professional "brand"
  • build a user-friendly culture that brings out people's best
  • establish a high-trust, high-performance team
  • give and receive feedback that really helps
  • name and tame the "undiscussable" elephants in the room
  • increase your value at work, at home, in life

"Whether you're striving to be more effective with colleagues in the boardroom or with loved ones at your kitchen table, LeaderSHOP offers tools you can use." - from the Foreword by Marshall Goldsmith


Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan is an American author and business consultant whose focus is leadership, human performance, and the strategic management of change. Personal success legend Stephen R. Covey called Duncan's work on leadership "brilliantly insightful, inspiringprofound, yet user-friendlyvisionary, yet highly practical." Duncan's consulting and coaching clients have ranged from cabinet officials in two White House administrations to executives and leaders from some of the world's most prominent companies in a wide range of industries. He received his PhD at Purdue University. (see Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame says CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP "is a goldmine of actionable wisdom. I return to it time after time. It's one of the best books I've read in years."

Publishers Weekly wrote: "Duncan's tone is lively and peppered with stories, specific processes, and self-assessments; his lessons in leadership and advice for building a culture and behaviors that are open to change are particularly on point. The extraordinary list of accolades from peers (Stephen M.R. Covey, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Ken Blanchard, and many others) are well deserved for this invaluable guide to anyone struggling with the demands of change."


"LeaderSHOP is a stunningly valuable book. Every chapter provides great ideas and tools from the world's top leadership experts that will bring more success to your business, career, and life. I learned a lot from this book and I know you will too."
John Spence, author of Awesomely Simple and Strategies for Success

"Just when you think there's little new to say about leadership and personal development, LeaderSHOP breaks the mold. This book addresses virtually every concern that people have in today's workplace."
Peter Rail, founding president, National Association of Employee Concerns Professionals

"LeaderSHOP provides crisp insights from outstanding experts, a great guide for leaders at every stage of the journey."
Jeffrey E. Thompson, MD, author of Lead True: Live Your Values, Build Your People, Inspire Your Community

In LeaderSHOP, Rodger Dean Duncan explores the most important workplace issues of our time--and he does it in candid conversations with dozens of experts whose ideas will touch both your heart and your mind. Rodger is both an excellent writer and great thinker. Don't miss his latest book!"
Bonnie Hagemann, author of Leading With Vision

"Leadership is forged in the crucible of experience. You can enhance your own experience through learning from others. In LeaderSHOP you get the benefit of seasoned experts who reveal the keys to unlocking your potential."
John Davis, Managing Partner, The Cramer Institute