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Let it Go! How to Gain Freedom from Your Past and Power for your Future

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You don't have to let your past dictate your future! Have you ever wondered why you react the way you do? Have you asked yourself, Why can't I get over certain destructive behaviors? Are there certain people in your life that you can't stand to be in a room with or even allow into your thoughts? Are there personality types that set you off faster than a speeding bullet? Are there things from your past you would rather forget about, but they seem always to raise their ugly heads when you least expect them? If you answered yes, to anyone or more of the above, it's time to learn how to Let it Go! Everyone deals with unforgiveness in one form or the other. It is a destructive force that can leave broken relationships, hurting people, and destroyed dreams in its wake, and that's just the beginning.

In brief, Let it Go! is about forgiveness but so much more. International Speaker and Author Orrin Rudolph take us on a journey of discovery. From uncovering the pain of our past, understanding the power of choice, dealing with the roots of bitterness and rejection to the practical steps of forgiving and walking in that forgiveness daily until we are free. By using powerful stories from his own life and the lives of many others, Orrin shows us how to live a liberated life!. A life free from a past that drains us of emotional, relational, and mental capital, and that leads us to a bankrupt future. Let it Go! is not just another How To book. Instead, it delves deep into the soil of our hearts to reveal the roots that lie buried there. We can discover why we are bearing some destructive fruit we and others have been eating, sometimes daily. This book is all about turning victims into victors and building and strengthening our forgiveness muscles so that we will never give others our power. Let it Go! might sound like a catchphrase, but within those simple three words lies the truth and power of freedom. Orrin Rudolph has captured a reality that has been around for eons but so infrequently used. To grab hold of a future of joy, success, and freedom, you must first learn to throw off the chains of the past and let go of the rope of unforgiveness that binds. The message of this book will challenge you and change you as you follow the path that Orrin has laid out towards freedom and wholeness.



South African-born, International Speaker, Author, Pastor, Relationship, and Life Coach Orrin Rudolph believes that to have life success, you need life balance. Success is not about "Time management" but rather "Life Management." To experience true freedom in our spiritual, professional, relational, emotional, financial, and physical lives, we need to understand choice clearly. Freedom without choice can never be called freedom!

Orrin Rudolph and his wife Sarah moved to the United States in 2002. Through their Vital Life organization, they seek to restore vitality, freedom from pain, and the enjoyment of successful victorious living to Companies, organizations, churches, and everyone they meet! Orrin has spoken in five nations, 49 states to over 300,000 people in the last twelve years. Using powerful stories, presentations, and life experiences, Orrin brings an authentic experience to his audiences in his books and speaking platforms. They can connect to the topic and make meaningful choices to improve their communications and relationships with others. Living through the murder of his cousin, the shooting of his mother, and a violent attack on his uncle, Orrin had to make his own choices. Through these experiences and many more, Orrin realized that we could not allow our past to redefine our future. Be it in our relationships, careers, and communication with others, we choose to bring every interaction to a positive conclusion if we take responsibility for our actions and behaviors.


I bought this looking for some ideas to change my life. ( New Years and turning 40) . Orrin really seems to have a lot of life experience . He relates a story and sometimes you have to read through several chapters to find what may apply to your situation. The common theme is that revenge, spite, and hate are just things holding you back.

My advice is to try not to read this book in one setting as you might miss what the message is for you. As you move forward in life, what is important to you changes. I know I will come back to this book and read it several times the rest of my life.
– Ken

I saw Orrin Rudolph speak at a corporate event and bought this book just to hear his story. The story was interesting and inspiring but was only the beginning. I am not generally a bitter person, so I thought I didn't really have anything to let go of. As I read, though, I recognized the sources of unhappiness in my own life. Orrin's story formed the basis of an exploration of the origins of discontentment and led into practical solutions. I was fascinated with how patterns of thought and behavior can infiltrate everything. Orrin's honest sharing of his journey proved to be an effective delivery system for the prescription I need in my own healing.
– Sherry Prindle

Whatever is holding you captive in the past let it go. This is a well written book on Forgiveness. The process to let it go and move on in your life. Orrin Rudolph's stories are fantastic and will help you release the hurts that are holding you back in your life and your relationships. You deserve to get this for yourself and buy it for your friends.
– Patrick & Kelli Dougher

You may also contact Orrin at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule him for speaking or leadership engagements.

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