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There are all kinds of books of quotes, for this topic, and that topic, and then there is... "this" book of quotes that has the ability to change lives. A vault filled with real authentic jewels of wisdom passed on from the minds of the greatest thought leaders on business and life from our time and from decades and centuries before. The quotation marks have served as a vehicle to transport wisdom through the ages and continue to inspire greatness and change lives. I have searched high and low to find the most amazing quotes that I have ever seen. This book is meant to be a higher education contained in small quotations of living energy that jolt your thought process and cause a light to pop on and shift the way that you think. A quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. says that a mind once expanded by a new experience, never returns to its original dimensions. My goal for this book is to jolt you and stretch you mentally, spiritually and emotionally to new dimensions.


Daniel Gleed - I am best known for my unique brand of street smart business savvy, strategic blue ocean intellect, and my revolutionary formula for success. I teach people to get out of their comfort zones and learn to live on the fringe of fear. If you're living on the fringe of fear, then you are in the energized realm of personal growth. I love helping people in business and in life, discover their next level, and I love it even more when they are looking at their next level in the rear-view mirror. Living on the edge of their potential and continuing to push their perceived boundaries until they ultimately discover that the only real limitations we have are the imaginary limitations we place on ourselves by believing they exist.

I have been on the cutting edge of personal and professional development for fifteen years. I have learned from the masters. Learning and teaching the fundamental principles of success as well as the advanced life and business strategies used by the elite. What most people consider failure is actually a stepping stone. I teach that our perception of failure is just feedback, and anyone can use feedback to fail their way to success.