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The Leadership Engine: How Winning Companies Build Leaders At Every Level

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An expert on organizational change shows executives and managers how to cultivate leadership qualities at every level of their businesses by fostering an atmosphere that nurtures initiative and by developing a communicable corporate vision. 150,000 first printing. $60,000 ad/promo.


Noel M. Tichy is an American management consultant, author and educator. He has co-authored, edited or contributed to over 30 books. While teaching at the MBA program at the University of Michigan (Ross School of Business), Tichy along with Jim Danko and Paul Danos, first instituted " the defining attribute" of the program: Multidisciplinary Action Projects in which students work on an actual corporate business issue.


"Noel Tichy has been a point guard on the management of organizations. ... The Leadership Engine focuses on how leaders of organizations use their whole being in creative managing. The book is an inspiration to teachers, business leaders, and coaches."
-- Phil Jackson, coach of the Chicago Bulls

"Periodically, all successful organizations have to change. Once a crisis has occurred, any organization will change, but waiting for a crisis is not often the route to success. How to large organizations change without a crisis? Noel Tichy correctly finds the answer in leadership--a leadership that permeates an organization at all levels."
-- Lester Thurow, bestselling author of Head to Head and The Future of Capitalism

"This book is the most valuable of the lot because it solidly confronts a vexing problem today--the lack of leaders who are willing to take their organizations through fundamental change. From Congress to the boardroom to the computer room, the qualities discussed are in short supply. If you think you've got what it takes, Tichy offers a comprehensive handbook for developing a leadership program at your workplace."
-- Computerworld

"This is Noel Tichy's summa. His text models the leaders he profiles: brilliant, clear on values, and gutsy as hell. The research base is awesome. The stories are great. The message is spot-on. The path to action is clear."
Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence