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Resurgent: How Constitutional Conservatism Can Save America

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This Hardcover Bookplated Edition of Resurgent: How Constitutional Conservatism Can Save America is signed by Ken Blackwell.

The United States is at a crossroads. Our national debt is rising, our social programs are unsustainable, and our government is expanding at an alarming rate. As American citizens, we have a choice. We can continue on our current path of policies that threaten our freedoms, our families, and our financesor we can join the powerful new resurgence of the age-old principles that are the foundation of the U.S. Constitution.

This book is a wake-up call. Written by acclaimed conservative leaders Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski, it is a back-to-basics action plan inspired by the original words and beliefs of our nation's forefathers. Using the U.S. Constitution, the authors guide us through our current political minefield, showing how both Democrats and Republicans have led our country astray. They reveal startling connections between the crash of the economy, the collapse of the family, and the rise of big government. They lay out a policy agenda of constitutional fixes for our greatest national problems, from retirement, to education, to social issues, to taxes. Finally, they offer Republicans a step-by-step plan for rebuilding the GOP from the ground up, for winning both Congress and the White House, and for changing directions on the road to our future.

The time is now, America. The resurgence is under way; we should let nothing stop us. More than two centuries ago, our forefathers gave us the dream and the directionsspelled out in black and white. Now more than ever, we need to embrace those principles and get our country back on track.

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Ken Blackwell, a conservative leader, was mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio treasurer, and a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. He is a fellow with the Family Research Council and American Civil Rights Union, a visiting professor at Liberty University, chairman of Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment, and serves on the board of the NRA and National Taxpayers Union. His columns appear in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, World Magazine, American Spectator, and Investor's Business Daily.


This is the #1 most powerful and informative book that we have
ever read and we have read many. Only wish that many more
Americans would read this book.

There are ways to save this country of ours and we might as
well start today. This book says it all. It is the best.
-D. Reel

I have read a number of well written, informative books on the financial woes besetting our country and every time I have come away saying,"While the author has some great points and we do need to get our financial house in order, if we don't get back to the Judeo-Christian moral values this country was founded on, we are sunk." Finally, a book that says the exact same thing. We need not only a return to economic and military conservatism, but also social or moral conservatism. We became the shining beacon to the world because of our adherence to the moral principles found in the Ten Commandments and the only way to regain our former strength and also keep it is to return to those ideals and to Constitutional Conservativism. The Constitution must be interpreted according to the meaning the authors meant it to have when they wrote it (original intention) and not according to some liberal agenda to make over our country. As the author's so rightly describe it, even if we do get things turned around economically, if we do not return to our founding father's moral values, we will soon find ourselves back in the same mess we are currently in. This is a crucial moment in America's history. We need constitutional conservatives in every branch of government, local, state and federal. This most enjoyable, well written book details the problems we face and the solutions to the problems, by two very knowledgeable authors concerning the subject they are writing about.
-Amazon Customer