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One Thing: Focus on Sales Leadership

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Learning from highly successful people has consistently demonstrated to be a most effective way to fast track your personal and professional goals. Embracing this proven premise, the soon-to-be best seller ONE THING, is a collection of singular strategies offered by highly accomplished and respected men and women in their chosen endeavor that will make your life's journey more rewarding. Authors Tim Malloy and Billy Martin's extensive interviews with dozens of image-of-difference CEO's and thought leaders will shorten your learning curve and deepen your experience by moving your business and leadership education from the class room to the board room. The book's executive contributor's all had overarching principles for success to share, but confidently crystallized them to their ONE THING offering when asked, if you could tell an aspiring sales leader or professional just ONE THING that you now know would undoubtedly make them more successful, what would it be? The chapter topics covered in ONE THING will interest you. The executive contributors' reasons why they feel so strongly about their ONE THING will enlighten you. And their tactical tips on how to implement their ONE THING will improve you.Now if you come away from reading this book embracing but a single ONE THING, then it will have been well worth your time and money. But be prepared to enthusiastically adopt several one things' offered in this book that will introduce or reinforce a practice that will elevate your business and leadership skills. Visit to join the conversation, find links to all the resources, and connect with the ONE THING thought leaders. Maybe YOU have ONE THING to share!


Tim Malloy a passion for all facets of business relationships earned Tim success and high praise in careers in sports marketing, corporate sales and as an entrepreneur.
Tim was the Assistant Group Sales Director and Public Relations Director for the Philadelphia 76ers before working as an award-winning Sales and Promotions Representative for Converse Inc. He holds a U.S. Patent on a golf training glove that received a 4-star rating in Golf magazine and is a former college basketball official.
Billy Martin is currently a Senior Director for Strategic Programs and Leadership Development at Medidata Solutions. (NASDAQ:MDSO)
After spending ten years at cloud computing giant, (NYSE: CRM) he works with the industry's brightest stars to help them be better leaders and dynamic coaches to drive sales performance.
Billy has a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine (MEd) and taught Anatomy, Physiology and Biology at both the secondary school and collegiate level. He transitioned into the business world after receiving an MBA degree in Technology Management.