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The Host Leadership Field Book: Building Engagement For Performance And Results

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Leading as a host, not a hero, is about bringing people together to address complex collective problems. This kaleidoscope of international experience shows people at all levels in many fields taking on the role of host leader to build engagement, performance and results.

The 33 contributors to the book bring a wealth of know-how and perceptive awareness from their work around the world in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, Kenya, Canada, the USA and Australia.

The cases and experience presented here come from many fields:

  • Business
  • Agile
  • Education
  • Social care
  • Coaching
  • Virtual teams
  • Volunteer organisations
  • Organisational change
  • Conflict resolution
  • Training
  • Community building
  • Leadership development


Mark McKergow


This compendium puts Host Leadership at the forefront of leadership development approaches. More than a collection of well-crafted papers from a diverse global cadre, this Field Book represents a solid record of phronesiswisdom gathered from practice. A wonderful addition to McKergow and Bailey's excellent introduction of Host. Paul R. Scheele, PhD. in Leadership & Change, CEO, Scheele Learning Systems, co-founder, Learning Strategies Corporation.

Accomplishes what we all want - real life examples: a compilation of experiences, developments, learnings, applications and further enquiry into Host Leadership around the world. The gentle art of hosting is one of the only tools you will need in becoming a collaborative and successful human being. Andrew Paine, Learning & Development, Lush Cosmetics .

Mark and Helen have spent years diligently documenting and understanding the key leadership capacities needed to host in the world. Whether it is working in management or leadership, facilitating meetings, or organizing to improve our communities, the six roles they have identified are crystal clear distillations of a key leadership practice suited for our times Chris Corrigan, global steward, Art of Hosting community of practice.

Bringing people together is important, and doing it well makes all the difference. In this wonderfully varied book you will find all kinds of ways to put in place the key principles of hosting that will help you effectively and quickly build cooperation, trust and results. Dr Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI and NY Times Bestselling Author.

A tremendous and inspiring resource for anyone involved in leadership, coaching, or change . The Field Book is a veritable smorgasbord of practical ideas for working with others in organisations - whether they be multinational companies, small family firms, charities or community projects. Mike Brent, Member of Faculty & Professor of Practice at Ashridge Executive Education @Hult International Business School, co- author of The Leader's Guide to Influence and The Leader's Guide to Coaching & Mentoring (FT Publishing).

A brilliant gem of a book! Perfect to inspire and engage readers into the art and practice of host leadership. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, there are wonderful stories of ways of engaging people, stimulating curiosity and giving lots of fascinating ideas for us to play with. The stories and ideas range from the hard-hitting practical to the deeply human. Professor Alex Steele, Director, Improwise.