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Warrior Entrepreneur - Lessons From The Battlefield to the Boardroom

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Zachary Green’s life experiences in the US Marine Corps, firefighting service, and as an entrepreneur helped him realize that these careers have a lot in common. They entail risk, struggle, grit, and bravery.

The idea behind this book revolves around the science of growth that comes from challenge and adversity. These hardships prepare you for your crucible; the crisis that changes your life’s trajectory.

It is in the crucible that you transform and grow or fall to the bottom of the abyss and suffer the consequences.

The warrior principles of:

  • Teamwork
  • Purpose
  • Confidence
  • Adaptability
  • Tenacity
  • Grit
  • Sacrifice
  • Morals
  • Purpose
  • Serenity

can translate into any career or business.  This book shares the ups and downs of well-known entrepreneurs ranging from Walt Disney to Thomas Edison to Elon Musk. It also highlights stories from FBI agents, White House special envoys, Spartans, and even the first-ever female US Marine Corps infantryman.

Let the pages in this book release your inner warrior and accomplish your life’s mission.


Zachary Green’s experiences in the Marine Corps shaped his destiny. His time in the military, then as a firefighter, gave him the resourcefulness, integrity and grit to become a highly successful entrepreneur. Taking risks, trusting himself and never letting go of his dreams drove him to grow his start-up from the trunk of his car to over $30MM .  Zach lives on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina with his wife and son. He was an elected member of the Wyoming(Cincinnati) City Council and was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and has testified in front of the US House of Representatives Small Business Committee. Zachary’s entrepreneurial journey has been featured on the front page of and also covered by CNN, USA Today, CBS and many other major news outlets.


“Warrior Entrepreneur develops both the intellectual and the gritty reality of leadership needed to win in the 21st Century.  It champions the lessons learned from adversity and failures in the same way that “iron sharpens iron”, which develops both the drive and direction necessary to be successful in today’s evolving entrepreneur world.”
– Chief Robert R. Rielage, MPA, CFO, EFO, FIFireE

“Finally, a warrior-entrepreneur roadmap written for veteran’s or active duty service members soon transitioning. Zach Green makes a vivid and daring case that entrepreneurship be the road more traveled vice less – IF you are daring. Green brings his USMC pedigree and ocean of firefighting experience to the cutting edge with this authoritative, eye-opening and informative read. If you are serious about being your “own boss,” then this is highly recommended for your entrepreneur library short list.”
– Colonel Riccoh Player USMC, Desert Shield/Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom Combat Veteran, 
Emmy Award Winning Producer

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