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Extreme Board Makeover - Online Course

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The blessing of fine leadership teams can send your ministry to new highs. And for the opposite, an ineffective leadership board will be like a ball and chain around your neck. The problem? Many Leadership Boards don't know which type they are, a blessing or a weight to the culture of generosity. Mike and Art are real life experts in coaching and realignment of ministry leadership, with consulting and field experience alongside 100's of ministries. In just 12 months they will show you how you can give your ministry an Extreme Board Makeover and accelerate into the most effective organization God designed it to be and get compliant in the modern requirements of ministry operations.

Topics over the next 12 months will cover:

  • What Makes a Christian Non-Profit Unique
  • The Purpose of a Non-Profit Ministry
  • Board Models - Good and not so much
  • The Ideal Board Model
  • Board Member Responsibilities
  • Board vs. Staff Responsibilities
  • Board Officers and Committees
  • The Perfect Board Meeting
  • Who Should be on Your Board
  • Finding and Adding New Board Members
  • "On-Boarding" New Members
  • On Going Board Member Development



Art grew up in St. Paul Minnesota, the oldest of three boys. Each went through the public school system and on the University of Minnesota, each grew up in Macalester Presbyterian Church, on the edge of Macalester College, each went through Scouting from Cubs to Explorers, and each become an Eagle Scout.

During his military career, Art served under men on their way to become, for example, the first head of the Department of Defense Test and Evaluation (upon its creation), the Commandant of the Air Force Academy, The Commander of the Tactical Air Command, the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. This school in residence provided unparalleled insight into how great leaders develop and into how very large organizations operate in the clash of competition for scarce resources with which to achieve missions of national importance.He also earned Master's Degrees in both Public and Business Administration, served on the Board of Directors of the Quality and Productivity Institute in Nevada, and on the faculty of the US Senate Productivity Award, both teaching the examiners and participating with them in business, health care, and academic applicant examinations for this Malcolm Baldrige-based award.With these experiences, he launched his private management consulting practice, serving both public sector and private sector clients from one-deep product businesses to major research public institutions.Today, his company provides management and business start-up, tune-up, strategy, and process design advice to owner-entrepreneurs, non-profit Boards, churches and faith-based services ministries, the defense industry and government (on operational test issues), and other consulting services for clients primarily in Nevada. Through an associate, he also provides professional website content expression advice across the country.He and his family have remained involved in their church throughout Art's military career across the country and around the world. A Presbyterian all his life, Art is has been ordained and has served both as an Elder and (with his wife) as a Deacon in his local church. He is an Elder-Commissioner from his local church to the Nevada Presbytery, serving the Presbytery as its Southern Nevada delegate to the Religious Alliance In Nevada, its Committee on Preparation for the Ministry, its Personnel Committee, as its Vice Moderator - and as one of its Elder-Commissioners to the Synod of the Pacific which he serves as a member of the Nominating and Mission Personnel Committees.Art is married to his college sweetheart who runs the gift shop she has owned for 33 years. They have two married daughters (one a high school English teacher, the other a sign-language interpreter for the deaf), two great sons-in-law (one a high school administrator, the other a retired military inspector and trainer of Air Force ammunition units now a warehouse receiving supervisor), and three grandchildren in high school and college (!) and who are just the lights of their grandparents' lives.


Mike Stickler is an author, consultant, philanthropist, Pastor and founder of the worldwide organizations Generous Life and The Vision Group Ltd.

These two organizations offer Christian ministries and non-profits a Christian perspective while coaching leaders through some of their most challenging successes. Mike is the author of over forty books and training videos and has made a difference through thousands of ministries as they serve the world.

Mike's life experiences serve as the foundation for his passion to help those who need the love and relationship of Jesus Christ. Over the years he has served as Executive Director of a rescue center for homeless men, women, and children, handled oversight of a men's discipleship house, consulted with hundreds of ministries around the world, contracted as Festival Director for the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, as well as served as a Senior and Senior Associate Pastor for nearly 13 years.

Stickler is known as a city reacher and is active in building partnerships with Christian initiatives within communities across the nation. Recognizing that Christian organizations must aggressively compete for the resources necessary to fulfill their calling, Mike now focuses his expertise on furthering the good work of God's people through Generosity Initiatives and strategic planning for Christian ministries.

Mike attended California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and has completed course work in Theology and Bible Studies at Multnomah Bible College. Among his most meaningful life accomplishments are a 33+-year marriage to his wife, Kim, and the pride he takes in their two grown sons, one daughter-in-law, one grandson & one granddaughter.

Package Includes:

  • 12 - Two+ hour trainings
  • Accompanying Manual
  • Leadership eBook to share with your team