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Leveraging Your Leadership Style

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Leveraging Your Leadership Style: Maximize Your Influence by Discovering the Leader Within

Understanding one's own leadership style, the style of others, and how those styles interact will facilitate maximum leadership potential

Jackson and Boss-Smith provide anyone in a position of leadership, whether an entrepreneur, business owner, supervisor, manager, or pastor, insight into themselves and their team members so that they may lead and guide themselves and others more effectively. Leveraging Your Leadership Style takes the guess work out of the equation and offers concrete solutions to obtain greater results and success.

  • Through stories and examples, identifies different leadership styles and how each has an impact on others
  • Enables readers to define, understand, and tap into their leadership style and explore how to apply it to their daily lives
  • Includes an exclusive behavior assessment called a Behavior Individuality Trait (BIT) that helps readers discover their unique personality style and how it affects their leadership

Readers will identify themselves as Commanders, Coaches, Counselors, or Conductors. More important, they will learn to recognize and relate with their team members leadership styles and integrate these understandings into the way they lead and participate in teams.

Dr. Jackson has taught this material to business and Chamber of Commerce leadership groups across Northern California and in Kenya.



Dr. John Jackson

Dr. John Jackson is the President of William Jessup University ( He is married to Pamela and the father of 5 children. Previously John served in Pastoral and Non Profit Leadership roles; he has also served and led on for profit and non profit boards. John has written and spoken for audiences across the United States and has made 10 trips to Kenya. John is known for Visionary Leadership, Organizational Development and Strategic Management.


Lorraine has captured the essence of four key leadership styles in a way that allows everyone from frontline supervisors to CEOs to identify their own leadership characteristics. This book can be a guide to how to more effectively be the right leader at the right time to garner the right results.
Jim Canfield, President and Chief Operating Officer, Renaissance Executive Forums

My first thought was, Ho hum, another leadership book.' But after a few paragraphs I found this book was different. Looking at leadership through the lens of personality types is refreshing and releases all of us to do more and to do better. John and Lorraine have given us a great tool!
Tim Stevens, Executive Search Consultant Team Leader, Vanderbloemen Search Group; Author; Leadership Thinker; and former Pastor at Granger Community Church

My father often reminded me, Son,' no matter who you are with or where you are, there is always someone looking up to you for leadership.' This book is for everyone because everyone reading this book has someone following them, believe it nor not. Someone to- day looked up to you for leadershipintentionally or unintentionally. Was your influence a positive one? You are influencing someone with every verbal and non- verbal communication you send. John and Lorraine will masterfully help you to uncover your leadership potential and style.
Dr. Cornell Haan, National Facilitator for the Mission America Coalition, Co-founder, the Presidential Prayer Team, President, Kingdom Connections

I was recently interviewed and asked the question, What's the number one thing you have learned in ten years of launching the Bayside Family of Churches movement?' I responded, That's easythe solution to everything is the right leader.' John Jackson lives to add value to leaders. I constantly bring him in to evaluate our organization, and mentor our leaders, and his new book, Leveraging Your Leadership Style will be in the hands of the staff at all of our churches the minute it comes off the presses.
Ray W. Johnston, Sr. Pastor, Bayside Church, Granite Bay

I admit it. I'm unique. It impacts who I am and how I interact with others. One of the areas in my life where that's most evident is in my leadership. Leveraging Your Leadership challenges us to consider how our personalities impact how we lead. (That includes leading unique guys like me.)
Tony Morgan, Pastor, Author, and Consultant

While I've always believed that leaders are made, not born, I never had a good recipe. You've given me one that's crystal clear with lots of specifics. Anyone who wants to be- come a leader or fill their company's leadership pipeline should read this book.
Laurence Haughton, Author of the bestseller It's Not the Big that Eat the Small... It's the FAST that Eat the Slow: How to Use Speed as a Competitive Tool in Business and It's Not What You Say... It's What You Do: How Following Through at Every Level Can Make or Break Your Company.

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