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Do you yearn for a divine connection? Enjoy Jamie B. Goudeau, the writer of "Lucrecia - Memoir of a Manic Woman," as she learns to hear God's voice! Scripture, other people, and her own thoughts are all ways that God speaks to her. He has extraordinary ways of connecting with people, whether it is through an unexpected face in the cloud or moving music.

Aligning with this divine purpose might, however, occasionally feel like an impossible task. Jamie often finds herself entangled in the complexity of life and pleading with God for assistance. She is consistently set free by our loving and patient Father, only to become entangled once more and need His mercy to continue.

Jamie reveals her personal testimony to God's goodness and love in her memoir. It's a novel entwined with mental illness, wickedness, and promiscuity that takes the reader on a trip through misery, destruction, betrayal, sin, loss, and confusion. But its fundamental message is one of redemption, restoration, and the transforming power of God: "She, whom the Son has set free, is indeed free!" (John 8:36; Jamie's individualized quotation.)
Jamie wrote this biography to encourage you through her experience and show the incredible healing power of God. If He could cure Jamie in such a way, maybe He can heal you as well! This book reveals Jesus Christ's amazing healing ability. Jamie has persevered through times of waning faith in a way that can only be characterized as remarkable.

Follow Jamie as she ascends from the pit of despair to the height of hope. God remained her staunch friend and never let go of her during her worst moments.

Jamie writes to help you get closer to God. She wants to show that you, too, can overcome hopelessness, betrayal, sin, loss, bewilderment, mental illness, depravity, and promiscuity by opening up about her soul and sharing God's work in her life. Jesus, who controls the utmost power of life and death, can heal you as well.

Join Jamie as she journeys through the powerful power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, from the darkness of suffering to the light of hope and healing.


Jamie B. Goudeau is a Christian author who was born and raised in a small community in south central Louisiana—the heart of Cajun country. Jamie is the blessed wife of her husband, best friend, and biggest fan, Brent Goudeau. She has four adult children and one bonus child and the proud grandmother of six grandchildren, who are a large part of her and her husband’s world. Jamie enjoys fishing, camping, attending church with her family, counseling, school, and writing.

It is Jamie’s passion to assist those struggling with mental health issues of any kind. She has overcome her own diagnosed bipolar I disorder with psychosis through hard work, favor, and strength from her God, along with the support from her loving family. Despite her mental illness, Jamie earned two master’s l degrees from Walden University and is currently under supervision to become a licensed professional counselor in the state of Louisiana.

Jamie wrote this book to empower those who are struggling with “invisible illnesses” such as bipolar, to know that there is life after a mental illness diagnosis. It can be the platform to propel yourself—through hard work, perseverance, and Godly courage—to become all God has designed you to be.

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