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Straight from the Valley: A Christian Leader's Journey

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From a childhood in Trinidad to following God's divine calling into ministry and more, the author shares his life's journey and the ups and downs of his walk with Christ as he became a leader for the kingdom of God. With powerful insight and lessons for life, Straight from the Valley provides readers with a glimpse into what God has done and continues to do in the author's life as well as the lives of readers. Within the writing, the author maintains a tone of openness and sincerity that connects with the reader and builds trust with the reader from beginning to end. This honest and open tone, combined with the author's conversational yet professional writer's voice, encourages the reader to trust the author's wisdom in the book, as the author reveals his true self and compassion for the reader through the writing.

Clinton A. Valley has been a church pastor, a principal, a professor, and a university president. He has also been a dean of a school of education and an associate academic vice president. He now lives in semi-retirement in Stonecrest, Georgia, with Martha, his wife for over forty-two years. They enjoy spending quality time with their two children Clintelle and Clinson, their children's spouses, Tim and Janet respectively, and their two amazing grandkids, Caleb and Ethan. Dr. Valley has authored or edited five books in the area of leadership and continues to teach leadership to masters and doctoral students at the University of the Virgin Islands. He cherishes his Christian faith and remains passionate about building a new breed of innovative, transformational leaders who will make values-based decisions for enhancing the human spirit and condition.


Clinton A. Valley, Ed.D., is a minister, educator, church administrator, and leadership theorist. Currently he is the associate vice president for academic administration at Walla Walla University. He has graduate degrees in church leadership, business administration, and educational leadership. He and his wife live in College Place, Washington, and have two adult children.