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The Spirit of the Disciplines - Reissue: Understanding How God Changes Lives

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How to Live as Jesus Lived

Dallas Willard, one of today's most brilliant Christian thinkers and author of The Divine Conspiracy (Christianity Today's 1999 Book of the Year), presents a way of living that enables ordinary men and women to enjoy the fruit of the Christian life. He reveals how the key to self-transformation resides in the practice of the spiritual disciplines, and how their practice affirms human life to the fullest. The Spirit of the Disciplines is for everyone who strives to be a disciple of Jesus in thought and action as well as intention.


DALLAS WILLARD (1935-2013) Dr. Willard has deeply affected many people through his writing and speaking. He displayed a scholarly acumen and a pastor's heart, seeking to integrate philosophy, theology, and ethics with practical discipleship and Christian day-to-day living.

Dr. Willard studied at William Jewell College, Tennessee Temple College, and Baylor University before earning a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin. He was a professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern California from 1965 to 2012, working in the fields of logic, philosophy of mind, and epistemology. He loved teaching and considered it a noble profession responsible for the condition of the world in years and centuries to come. His teaching, writing and research continues to nurture young minds towards truth, reason and God, and his groundbreaking books have forever changed the way thousands of Christians experience their faith. Richard Foster, author of the book Celebration of Discipline, says of Dallas, “Rarely have I found an author so penetrating in his intellect combined with so generous a spirit.”