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Triumph: The Savvy You Need To Fulfill Your Life Of Purpose

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After years of enduring the elusive Covid-19 pandemic, heightened civil disorder and mass shootings, and now the rapid evolution of the internet, smartphones, and social media to magnify these devastations. With these life-altering events, is it a surprise Millennials and other generations are dealing with a mental health crisis?

In Triumph, Akif Felix shares the extent of how these and other pressures affected his mental health and the life lessons he's learned about:

- Confronting the trauma that has shaped your story
- Finding hope and healing amid chaos
- Recognizing God's plan for your life

Written from a survivor's and layperson's view, Triumph is not a medical or technical work about mental health. Instead, Akif shares how he reclaimed his life and how you can too. His candid and incredibly informative book will inspire readers who desire purpose and direction.

Combining his faith and practical strategies helps us move from hopeless to hopeful, from anxious to peaceful, overwhelmed to free.

You deserve to discover a life characterized by peace, not peril. Join Akif on the journey to lasting freedom and embrace joy, clarity, and contentment as you learn to achieve your triumph.


Akif Felix is an author and mental health advocate with a passion for helping millennials recognize the complexities of everyday life in the modern world.

He is passionate about erasing the stigma associated with mental illness, instead, promoting self-development through adversity. His mission is to make the uncomfortable conversation around mental health customary, hoping to help others achieve the fulfilling lives they dream of. Through his personal experiences and extensive research, he relates and clearly articulates why now more than ever, it is critical to understand how to take complete control of your life.

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