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The Courageous Police Leader: A Survival Guide for Combating Cowards, Chaos, and Lies

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In this groundbreaking book, The Courageous Police Leader: A Survival Guide for Combating Cowards, Chaos & Lies, Major Travis Yates tears down the walls separating law enforcement and the community and exposes the dirt that keeps law enforcement from excelling to greatness and that continues to give the criminal element the winning hand. With almost three decades of leadership experience in a major law enforcement agency and a current Commander, Yates dissects the ills within and outside the profession in a way you have never heard. Through his detailed research, impeccable story telling and personal experiences, Yates will expose the cowards, reveal the lies and show you how to navigate the chaos that often occurs when cowardly leaders refuse to stand up for the good and decent heroes that wear the badge. This book will not only show you what cowardly leadership can do to law enforcement and their community but also the greatness of what Courageous Police Leadership can achieve. Drawing from the ancient wisdom of Sun Tzu's Art of War, Yates gives targeted and specific advice on how to combat the enemies of law enforcement in a format and style that has never been achieved before. Topics that must be met with courage and explained include training, community policing, race relations, policy, the delusion of demographic parity, social justice warriors, and how to deal with politics within the profession. Sheriff Jesse Watts says that every leader needs this book and Lt. Jim McNeff recommends The Courageous Police Leader for it's sage wisdom that will stand the test of time.Whether you are in law enforcement, in business or a citizen that craves to know how law enforcement can better serve you, this book is for you.Find out what others are saying about The Courageous Police Leader and how you can play your part in achieving greatness at:


Travis Yates is the Founder and CEO of the Courageous Leadership Institute ( and the author of "The Courageous Police Leader," based on his award winning seminar. Travis is one of the most prolific writers in law enforcement, authoring hundreds of articles on officer safety, risk management and leadership. Named the International Trainer of the Year by ILEETA, his classes have been taught to thousands of law enforcement professionals in 47 states and three countries.

Jaix "JC" Chaix is a freelance (ghost-)writer, editor, and creative consultant.

He is the editor and co-author of "The Courageous Police Leader" with Major Travis Yates (an ILEETA Law Enforcement Instructor of the Year, and Publisher in Chief at

As a former law enforcement officer and firefighter, Chaix often consults with other authors and editors about various aspects of crime and trauma narratives. BBC Radio has produced a documentary about his police writings (under a psuedonym) which held a "cult following" according to the BBC.


I have attended Travis's Leadership Class and it was one of the best leadership classes I have taken. He has now taken that knowledge and written this book, which allows for a much more in depth look at Courageous Leadership. His experience as a leader have been hard won. He has reaped the rewards and suffered the consequences of being a Courageous Leader. This book lays the groundwork that officers must follow in order to take back the reputation of our profession from those who lie, misrepresent and seek to eliminate the police and those who lack the courage to stand against them.
Have the courage to read the book. Have the courage to take a stand. Have the courage to be a Courageous Leader.
-Duane Wolfe

Courageous Police Leader should be required reading for EVERYONE that is climbing the ladder into police management/supervision. Travis Yates deals with facts that effect all police officers at any rank. After spending time with Stacy Ettel, and hearing a small portion of "the cowardly acts" he encountered for standing up for one of his troops, I was deeply saddened.
We all need leaders. We all need someone who we can respect, trust and learn from. Being a leader is first and foremost a servant to the ones you lead. When cowards lead, chaos and despair will surely follow.
Thank you Travis and Stacy for your willingness to say and print the truth. Big Balls!!
-Tom Martin

As a literary analyst, Mr. Chaix is the first to reveal the word/number riddles in James Hogg's "The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner"--that have been overlooked by literary critics and scholars for nearly 200 years. He created a digital reproduction of the 1824 original--the only edition that reproduces every word, on every line, on every page as in the 1824 edition, with all of the literary tricks intact.

Chaix is a staunch opponent of censorship, and passionate advocate for the advancement of literacy.