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The Future of Leadership: Elevate your influence. Navigate disruption. Bring out their best.

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The world is changing faster and faster because of the internet and technology. The rigid models of leadership and long-standing rules of engagement and power we've come to count upon for generations are no longer reliable in this new hyper-connected and digitally-charged world we find ourselves in. This world is being fueled by openness, connection, transparency and shared power. The future of leadership mandates new levels of personal courage, self-awareness, and authenticity.To be blunt, navigating this new world can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. We have felt it, the people we work with have felt it, and if you are anything like us, then you are probably experiencing this frustration as well.We wrote this story to help you understand many of the underlying forces impacting the future and to help equip you with practical tools and techniques to deepen your connection to those around you, amplify your ability to positively effect change, and fuel high performance for you, your team, your family, and your organization.


Joshua Medcalf


For the Baby Boomer/GenX leader, this read is for you. For the struggling elder millennial who is caught between two worlds of Old School & New School, this is for you. For the younger Millenials/Gen Z who are breaking into the business, need help understanding the Old School, & how your New School mentality can lead into the future, this book is for you. In all aspects of life, we are in a World at War with each other. The current crossroads between the Hierarchy & the Network can lead to a hard path, and navigating it can be even more difficult. Joshua Medcalf does it again with Seth Mattison in this fable with similar themes of previous books of Chop Wood, Carry Water & Pound The Stone, while bringing new viewpoints and critics thoughts to leadership. A MUST read!
- Ryan Landrum

Can we give 10 stars? Easy read, but so effective in making points, and promoting change. Simple life application, great for teenagers thru the oldest members of society. Keeps your interest, and makes you want to continue to read.
- Brandon