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In The Arena: What Business Leaders Can Learn

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Success isn't a linear path. There are unplanned twists and turns, soaring highs and devastating lows. But through it all, there are certain traits that set the successful apart from the rest of the pack...

In his first book, former professional rugby player turned business leadership coach, Beau Robinson, delivers a fresh perspective on what it takes to find success - in business and in life.

'In the Arena' is the culmination of an often turbulent yet successful sporting career, a lifetime's worth of lessons, and intensive study in business and mindset.

Whether you're at the start of your journey or on the top of the mountain, every reader can benefit from Beau's honesty, perspective and good humour.


Beau Robinson (born 15 August 1986, Alice Springs, Northern Territory) is a former Australian rugby union player, now Leadership & Culture Coach. Robinson played for the NSW Waratahs and Queensland Reds in the Super Rugby, and represented Australia making his senior debut in 2011.


"In the Arena is not borne from textbook learning, nor is it review of the literature as part of Beau's Business degree, but the learning that comes from grinding it out... It's written from deep experience by a man not scared to have a go, fail and learn from the mistakes. Sometimes the more you want to learn the harder the lesson and Beau has never been afraid of a test."
Roger Fitzgerald, the Founder & Director of Movement Improvement. He has worked with some of the world's best athletes including Australian and Chinese Olympic teams.

"Beau is well versed to write a book about success because he has been on life's greatest rollercoasters. He has been through it all; he has seen and lived the most extraordinary highs but has also pushed through the most devastating of lows. In his career to date, he has shown 'true grit' - a commitment to finish what he started, to rise from his setbacks, and a desire to improve and succeed. But what makes Beau a real champion is that he has done all of this without any concern for reward or recognition. His courage, optimism and endurance can only inspire those around him. For any business leaders or executives, and those aspiring to be, as Beau states - your success is determined by no one other than yourself - however, this book will provide you with the tools to motivate you to get started, or give you greater clarity as your pursue your next goals, with a bit of "Bunge's" authentic and unique honesty, cheek and stories along the way."
James Horwill, former Wallabies, Reds & Harlequins Captain