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The Power Of Thoughtful Leadership: 101 Minutes

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As leaders-leaders of organizations, business units, teams, and/or families -we are all being called upon to do more, with less, quicker. We are often in overwhelm, constantly running on a leadership treadmill to simply stay in place and keep pace with demands.

Thoughtful Leadership is an answer to this frenzy. It is a chance to invest the time to think through how you're leading and what you're doing before you actually do it, in order to be more effective. A chance to sit still, be present, reflect, think beyond your own needs and wants, focus on the big picture and get out of the weeds, look in the hard places, quiet the voices in your head, follow your gut and intuition...and lead - equipped to show up as your best self and achieve the greatest results.

We counsel our clients to pause and think - to be still - before they take an action, even if only for a few moments. This pause allows them the opportunity to become proactive rather than reactive, and to attain the outcomes they truly seek for themselves, their businesses, and their lives. With The Power of Thoughtful Leadership you can take this pause and this time for yourself, and move closer towards realizing your goals and dreams. The Power of Thoughtful Leadership offers 101 thoughtful minutes that will help you align your work and life with your vision for your future.


Lisa Kohn is an accomplished leadership consultant, executive coach, author, and keynote speaker with a strong business background and a creative approach. She has over 20 years of experience partnering with Fortune 500 clients in areas of leadership, communication styles, managing change, interpersonal and team dynamics, and strategy, as well as life balance and fulfillment. Lisa's latest book is her memoir To the Moon and Back.

Robyn McLeod is an innovative and seasoned consulting and coaching professional specializing in leadership and organizational development, and strategic thinking. Through creative collaboration, Robyn works with clients to address issues and build on strengths, leading to more engaging work environments and more effective leaders and managers. As an executive coach, Robyn helps individuals discover the keys to their optimal success and personal growth.