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Domestic Terrorist or American Patriot?

Bundy Book TourAuthor Michael Stickler, will be coming to your community to “set the record straight” about Cliven Bundy, who he really is and how his stand makes a difference to every American.

You have Read The Headlines, Now Get The Real Story!

Cliven Bundy, The Federal Government treats him as a domestic terrorist.  The media characterizes him as a gun-toting militia-wacko.

The Bundy name is celebrated by ranchers and farmers throughout the West.  But that same name has become an anathema to those ensconced in Washington; those who work to arrest the oncoming wildfire of honest examination of the long-held Federal assertion of land ownership and management irrespective of the citizens Constitutional rights and guarantees across the West's vast agricultural sector, one that feeds the world.
With this book, Cliven Bundy tells his story for the first time to author Michael Stickler while behind the razor wire fences of Federal lockup.  Stickler spent over 60 days documenting Bundy's side of the conflict that led over 200 Federal agents - in full tactical gear armed for civil war - to seize, sell, and destroy his cattle - acting well beyond their judicial warrant.  The standoff made international news, creating the rally cry "No, Hell NO!" that brought thousands of Americans from across the country to the Bundy Ranch in April 2014.

Come and meet Mike.  And get the REAL story of what Cliven’s stand was all about.

Mike is coming to Your Community:


October 17, 2018 - Vancouver, WA

October 19, 2018 - Grants Pass, OR 

Would you like Mike to come to Your City?  Click HERE to tell us more.