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How to Get Started

GETPUBLISHED is an emerging power house in book publishing.

Our capabilities and relationships allow us to create precisely targeted and fully integrated book campaigns that mobilize high-profile relational contacts in your niche, and that capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing through social marketers, through the authority source of a published book to include content marketing, and that extends your reach into the most prominent members of your customer base.

GetPublished uses a proven four-stage book launch process that delivers qualified relationships to your customer relationship managers each day.We utilize a built-in nurturing process that allows those relationships to self-select as potential customers. Our unique process allows your sales team to receive educated, qualified and seasoned leads who are convinced that your product or service is the right decision for them. We shorten the sales cycle and deliver better leads to your inbox.

Every author’s book launch and book campaign must seriously consider the most powerful publicity medium available today (and use them correctly!).Traditional PR alone doesn’t create groundswells—but viral media does. Pre sales are critical to the success of your book launch.

These book sales dictate the quality of the relationships that will drive your brand to greater heights in your space.


How do we work?

Every author is walked through our proven step process.



The most crucial part of any publishing project is the Publishing Plan. Together with our Executive Editor and Marketing Team, each author develops a strategic publishing plan that considers the desired publication date,Table of Contents, writing schedule and marketing plan.Once the author,Executive Editor, and MarketingTeam agree upon the plan, a series of deadlines are executed.

Timeline: Two to four weeks



At this step, the author meets with their Executive Editor.The editor becomes familiarized with the project and the author.Then together they develop a manuscript development schedule and writing/editing plan, establishing:

  • ThAuthor’s Voice
  • ThAuthor’s Message
  • ThUltimate Business Objective of the Book (acquiring speaking engagements, consulting clients, etc.), and
  • ThReader Audience

Who you will be working with:

All of our editors and ghostwriters have worked on many books for traditional publishers
or have edited many books that have sold to publishers, so we meet the highest standards of excellence in the publishing industry.
Our editors or ghostwriters are responsible for such international classics as: What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard Bolles, KingMaker by Marcus (Goodie) Goodloe, The Truth Mirage by Dr. Freddy Davis, On Death and Dying by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, as well as Linus Pauling onPeace by B. Marinacci and R. Krishnamurthy, and books by Joe Vitale, who is featured in The Secret.
We handle many genres for subject matter experts, including books on business, leadership, company culture, support for entrepreneurs, project management, corporate responsibility, management, diversity, health, self-help, personal growth, Christian, memoir, finance, real estate, relationships, and much more.

Timeline: Three to twelve months



As the author’s book comes to completion two audience tests are conducted:

Book Cover:The author will meet with a designer to discuss cover and interior design.Two covers will be created for the author’s review and as a team, the cover and interior content design will be selected.

Upon final approval, the book cover will be ready for testing.The DesignTeam will release two cover designs to 10,000 sample audience readers for feedback for final cover selection.

Peer Expert Review: Once the finalized author’s manuscript is completed, it will be sent for a peer expert review. This review is made up of the author’s audience members, trade professionals, and voracious readers.

Based on the data collected from the testing stage, the author,Executive Editor and design team will convene again to consider any final changes.

At the completion of this step, the book will be ready to be compiled, the interior design created and prepared for the printer.

The printer will submit in return a printer proof for corrections.

Upon completion of the final corrections, proof designs and books will be printed for final approvals. The Galley or Advance Reader Copies will be available for prerelease.

Timeline: two to four months.



 Depending on the depth of marketing assistance the author desires, a four to twelve-month (and beyond) publication release is carefully planned out. Thiincludes public relations, social media, book fairs, and advertising. Thbook launch is a carefully orchestrated process, a process that can make a book an important –memorable– piece or a work that is totally forgotten. Thirelease includes a four-part launch campaign:

  • The first launch of your book will be in hardcover. Your book will remain in hardcover while the book sales are building.
  • The second launch for the softcover version of the book will be announce to provide a bump in sales, as well as to offer a lower cost version of the book.
  • The third launch is in an eBook form, which will begin to be distributed about one year after the softcover.
  • The fourth and final launch is in audio book form.

Your book will be available to every book retailer in the world, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and every brick and mortar retailer. It will ship from the closest fulfillment center (from their location on four continents) to any purchaser.

Marketing Plan: Each book release is different, but each has a basic path that GetPublished has perfected.

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social InfluencerAdvertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Re-Targeting

IMPORTANT NOTEThis process will perform these four book launches for each of your book titles.

These five areas of marketing drive qualified relationships into your book’s funnel, delivering well qualified leads to you CRM each and every day to meet your business goals.

Unlike virtually every other publisher in the industry, our focus is on your ultimate business goals by turning your book sales in to future clients. No more ghost book buyers with whom you have no connection. Our system draws the reader closer to you and your business.

Just imagine nurturing each book buyer into becoming your customer, who will attend an event, book you as a speaker, or hire you for your service or product. Because they have bought and read your book, they already know your story, can feel your passion and are ready to receive deliverables. They are now available to deepen your business relationship.


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