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Mike has been crisscrossing the country sharing the story of Cliven Bundy. Approaching are two significant opportunities to share Cliven’s story to the nations librarians and educators at the largest two conventions of 2018. There will be over 30,000 attendees at these three conventions and we want your help reaching these influencers.

Book signings will be conducted at each show and Mike wants to give away at least 150 books (or more) during those signings. Every publisher is pushing to get the attention of this influential market. But libraries are facing tighter and tighter budgets and educators are spending their own monies for supplies and materials. We feel Cliven’s story is so important to educate Americans and it’s why we want your help in putting the books in the hands of this particular group on decision makers.

You can help us overcome their budgetary restraints! Sponsor a book for a library or schoolroom across this land.

Imagine the opportunity for a child, teen or young adult to read and learn about both the Constitution and property rights in American; rights that are eroding more and more everyday. The youth, our great country’s future leaders, can discover what the Founding Fathers truly intended America to be and how one man risked all to stand up against that erosion.

This is our opportunity to circumvent the sanctioned book-buying process of liberal school and library boards. You’ll also be able to bless a librarian or educator with this factual story that made headlines around the word.

It’s easy. Simply join us and help get this book Cliven Bundy American Terrorist Patriot into these important educators hands. 



About The Book:

 Cliven Bundy American Patriot is the shocking, yet true, story as told to the author, with twists and turns, highs and lows of intrigue and common sense of the life of one man, his devoted family, and fellow patriots that seem to only be matched by the lives of the Founding Fathers of this American Experiment known as the The United States Of America. It’s a story not yet finished in its telling. It’s a story every family should read and declare their own voice in! It’s a story you must decide for yourself: Is Cliven Bundy a American Terrorist or an American Patriot?

328 Pages Hardbound with Dust Cover in the libraries and classrooms of America

Shipping is included