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Bully Proofing You Online Course

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Are you tired of feeling powerless in the face of bullying? Take control of your life and build unshakable confidence with our transformative home study course, 'Bully Proofing You.' This comprehensive program combines engaging videos, a thought-provoking workbook, and an empowering book to equip you with practical strategies to overcome bullying, boost self-esteem, and cultivate resilience.

Through a series of dynamic and insightful stories, you'll gain access to expert guidance from Jeanie Cisco-Meth, a leader in the field of personal development. Her book provides in-depth lessons on understanding the psychology of bullying, developing assertiveness, and building emotional resilience. Each lesson is designed to empower you with actionable techniques that can be applied in real-life situations.

The accompanying workbook serves as a valuable companion to the video lessons and book. It offers thought-provoking exercises, reflective prompts, and practical activities that reinforce the concepts covered. By engaging with the workbook, you'll deepen your understanding of the material and develop a personalized action plan to implement the strategies effectively. 

To further enhance your learning experience, we provide you with empowering videos that delves into the intricacies of bullying and offers additional insights and strategies. This program serves as a comprehensive resource, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and practical tools to navigate challenging situations, build resilience, and create a safe and supportive environment.

Join us on this empowering journey and discover the tools to stand tall, embrace your true worth, and become bully-proof. With the combination of engaging videos, a thought-provoking workbook, and an empowering book, 'Bully Proofing You' offers a holistic approach to help you overcome bullying, boost your self-esteem, and cultivate resilience that will positively impact all areas of your life. 


Jeanie Cisco-Meth was born Avis Marjean Cisco in Twin Falls, Idaho. She was then raised on a dairy farm in Morton, Washington, where she spent her time riding horses, feeding calves, milking cows, and learning the importance of responsibility and hard work. After graduating from the University of Utah, Cisco-Meth went on to teach at-risk high school students for sixteen years. She also spent a year teaching at a private school. She regularly gives seminars and training on the subject of bullying and wrote the book Bully Proofing You to help parents, teachers, and students deal with this difficult problem.

You may also contact Jeanie at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule her for speaking or leadership engagements.