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Business Leaders & Success: 55 Top Business Leaders & How They Achieved Greatness

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A detailed look inside the minds and methods of 55 legendary business leaders Behind every tale of breakthrough success is the visionary man or woman who made it happen. Profiles in Business Success examines the lives of 55 giants of the business world and reveals how they overcame obstacles, forged their own management philosophies, and drove their companies to the top. This inspirational book helps business professionals understand and implement proven methods for innovation, growth, and achievement. Readers of every age and interest will learn: How Gap CEO Mickey Drexler built a $9 billion-a-year retail business by listening to 12-year-olds How Charles Walgreen Sr. turned a corner drugstore into one of the first multibillion-dollar chains How eBay founder Pierre Omidyar changed shopping forever--to help his wife find Pez dispensers


Investor's Business Daily is read daily by nearly a million investors, who turn to it as the source for powerful information previously available only to institutional investors.

William J. O'Neil is chairman of Investor's Business Daily, Inc., and the author of the million-copy bestseller How to Make Money in Stocks.