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Compass: Your Guide for Leadership Development and Coaching

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This book is for leaders and managers looking to develop themselves and others. It is for training & development professionals, inside or working as independent consultants, who can use the book as a coaching tool, a blueprint for leader development plans, and in other ways .For leaders concerned with their development, dedicated to developing their people for more responsibilities, and committed to organizational sustainability, this book will help in those efforts.

About the Authors:

George works at CCL as Director, Commercialization where he leads an innovation platform called All-Access Leadership, focused on enhancing, re-imagining and creating product offerings that empower and enable clients to deliver and experience CCL's intellectual property in ways that match their needs and strategies.

Peter (Pete) leads the Center for Creative Leadership's (CCL) publishing program, which consists of CCL Press and publishing partnerships with commercial publishing houses. He is coauthor of "Change Now! 5 Steps to Better Leadership" and coeditor of the "CCL Handbook of Coaching: A Guide for the Leader Coach." He holds a PhD in rhetoric from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.