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Effective Leadership: Top 10 Areas Every Christian Leader

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There is without question a plethora of leaders in the world today. However, not every leader is effective, according to God's design.

This book highlights the importance of effective leadership, with a concentration on ten key areas that every Christian leader should move towards. This book is both thorough and profound while holding a sincere commitment to Scripture. The studies found in this book examines far-ranging issues of effective leadership, from internal character matters to external problems of systems. The goal of this book is to address the diverse aspects of leadership, with a deep sensitivity to the realities of the twenty-first century and yet a deep commitment to the kingdom of God, as revealed in Scripture.

This book offers excellent development concepts for the beginning leader, as well as for the seasoned leader. Effective Leadership: Top 10 Areas Every Christian Leader Should Consider brings cohesion to diverse issues in such a way as to form a holistic approach to leadership. This approach is both profoundly theological and yet practical in ways that can be applied in churches and organizations alike.

The practical applications are simple enough to implement yet developed enough to provide ongoing guidance for leaders and their organizations. This is an insightful and needed book for leadership in the church and faith-based organizations at large. Christian leaders should provide effective leadership to their organizations, churches, denominations, and the world; and the ten topics highlighted in this book will assist leaders in their pursuit of effective leadership.


Jonathan Lotson


Put God first and you will never be last.
Author Dr. Jonathan Lotson in Effective Leadership reminded me of these lines. I don't know how to say much in few words. To teach God's word is in Jonathan's blood from his early childhood. The book is a positive reinforcement on how the Christian Leaders should move with God's Agenda.
Although spiritual principles are not the focus of this book but the principles presented by Dr. Jonathan Lotson are the strong foundation on which a true leadership can be more effective. Self Care, Strategic foresight and direction, accountability and how to suppress leader ego are a few divisions that helped me to get the nitty-gritty of the main idea. The writing style was very smoothed, and there's never a dull moment I found. It's the type of book you can get hooked on. I would highly recommend it. It would be a great success, indeed. - Tahir Zaman