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From a Distance. A Practical Guide to Remote Leadership

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The future of work is remote. That means we need more remote leaders. Empowering employees to work from home requires strong, clear leadership, for it to become a viable and sustainable option for more companies, across all industries. Remote leadership needs leaders who are comfortable and confident leading their teams from a distance. And while it's easy to find resources about remote work and location independent jobs, effective remote leadership is often left to chance with companies instead blaming the failure of remote working on the fact that it's remote rather than a failure of leadership.Enjoy 60+ pages full of knowledge, ideas and tools to successfully lead your remote team from wherever you are. Whether you are already a seasoned remote leader, or you are just starting out creating (or inheriting) your first location-independent team, this guide will help you to hit the ground running.The book is written with mainly support organizations in mind, but readers of the pre-release version have pointed out that many of the ideas and tools are equally valid for other location independent teams.


Valentina Thorner has over a decade of experience leading and working remotely. Facilitating change and excellence in those who work wit her. Originally from Germany, she lives close to Barcelona with her twin toddlers. While writing the book she lead a remote leading the Product Development for Klaus - from a distance.