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Identity Leadership: To Lead Others You Must First Lead Yourself

SKU: 9781546083375
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Become passionate, purposeful, and meaningful leader through identifying who you are, your desires, and your abilities.

Identity Leadership by Stedman Graham is a very personal and prescriptive guide that is based on the philosophy that you can't lead others until you can first lead yourself--the more you work on yourself, the more you can give to those around you. To know our purpose in life, we begin with our passions, skills, and talents, and with this book we learn how to channel the best of who we are to achieve success for ourselves and those we lead.

InIdentity Leadership, Graham takes the reader through a nine-step process designed to show them how to create and reshape their futures as Identity Leaders. The nine steps include:
1. Check Your ID
2. Create Your Vision
3. Develop Your Travel Plan
4. Master the Rules of the Road
5. Step into the Outer Limits
6. Pilot the Seasons of Change
7. Build Your Dream Team
8. Win by a Decision
9. Commit to Your Vision
Self-leaders can create a roadmap that leads to personal growth, development, and improvement of performance in every area of life. Identity Leadership provides the tools needed to continually plan and execute learning and development of our talents and skills, enabling readers to commit to a personal vision and lead with purpose.

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