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Indelible Ink: 22 Prominent Christian Leaders Discuss the Books That Shape Their Faith

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In the pages of Indelible Ink, you can meet the writers and thinkers who most deeply influence twenty-two of today's top Christian authors. Each of these trusted Christian leaderswhose lives and ministries impact millions around the worldpoints you to the most valuable books from the past and present, including fiction, biography, theology, devotional works, histories, even commentaries and reference works. These are the books that left the greatest imprint on the lives of the leaders who are making a spiritual imprint on today's generation.

This unique collection of new essays reveals the inner life of these modern-day leaders and points you to the godly, life-giving wisdom that has shaped their faith. With direction from today's leaders, you can discover the most important written works of our Christian heritageand be empowered anew in your own journey of faith.


Scott Larsen is a native of the Jersey Shore. One of the contributors to The Soul Care Bible and The MacArthur Student Bible, he received both his BA (psychology) and MA (clinical psychology) from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He currently works in the financial services industry as a municipal bond trader. Scott lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and their two sons.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book...and for different reasons than I expected. I ordered it because the foreword is by one of my favorite Christian authors, Philip Yancey, and because the title and premise (ask several well known Christian writers what books have most influenced them other than the Bible) were appealing. I expected to mostly get some ideas for a few more spiritual books to read.
- Elizabeth H. Cottrell

Learning what books (what authors) were used of God to help shape and influence the faith of authors I love was indeed a blessing to me. The transformed life involves an instanteous encournter with the Living Lord, but it also consists of ongoing spiritual encounters with Him that are used as "building blocks" in our own personal transformation. Because of the love and respect I have for so many of the 22 Prominent Christian Leaders referred to, it registers deeply with me when I learn of some spiritual nugget or truth that influenced their thinking as rendered by another spiritual leader of a previous generation. It's more than curiosity that I have. It is attention arresting to read a revelation of truth that readily becomes transparent in their writings and is inevitably shared as a consequence of their own joy and experience. Indeed, indelible ink is spread through the pens of previous men and women who walked with God and lived to write about it. I thank God for the heritage of Faithful leaders.
- David Worthington