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Leadership - By the Book

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The abundant quotations in this book go off like fireworks. Any number of them could change your life whether you are in ministry, business or education. One pastor of a large church said that he carried a copy of the author's original booklet, Mistakes Leaders Make, in both his briefcases so that no matter where he was he could reference the material. The popular format of that booklet is retained in this greatly expanded edition. The two major parts, What Leadership Is and What Leadership Does Not , are made up of stand-alone do's and don'ts. Read as much or as little as you have time for. Then, pick up where you left off. Missionary Dr. Mark Sigstad wrote to say that a Nigerian pastor who had left the ministry got back into the ministry as a church planter largely because of the original booklet. We can only pray that this volume is of similar benefit. General George Patton who was one of Dwight Eisenhower's instructors at Fort Leavenworth in 1926 predicted that he would one day work for Eisenhower! This book tells you why that prediction came to pass. The Governor who had time for blind children later won the American Presidency by more Electoral College votes than any other man in history. This book tells the story. David M. Atkinson was born north of Toronto, Canada, and has been appearing on public platforms since he was 15. He has taught and preached in the U.S., Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Russia and the Ukraine. He became the Pastor of the Dyer Baptist Church in Dyer, Indiana, in 1990. Pastor Wayne Shirton of Medicine Hat, Alberta, studied theology under him in 1970 and says, This author is the most creative thinker I have ever met.


David M. Atkinson


Leadership By the Book has got to be one of the best books written on leadership ever. Just the quotes alone make it worth while purchasing it.
Jim Andrews

This book is so easy to read. The style of the printing is such that you can read one story or quote at a time, or you can read the whole book in one sitting. The content is worth its weight in gold! I firmly believe that anyone who deals with people would benefit from this book. I am purchasing a copy for each of my Church leaders! This is one book you won't regret purchasing!
Mark W. Foster