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Leading Gracefully

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In 2016, women still hold a shockingly low 14% of top executive positions in the Fortune 500. Trying to get ahead while operating in a man's world, women continue to face immense challenges, constantly being told how to navigate these treacherous waters in a myriad of ways. Yet the gender gap persists.

While working for a tech giant in Silicon Valley, the author was faced with a tough decisionshould she lead like her male counterparts or try a different approach? This choice gained her unique insights into how women can break through gender bias and become far more effective as leaders, while helping close the gender gap.

In Leading Gracefully, Feminine Leadership expert and executive coach, Monique Tallon, presents neuroscience research that tells us that women's brains are wired for empathy, intuition and collaboration, the same qualities people are looking for in their leaders today. Through her extensive research, she has developed a visionary roadmap for womenThe Feminine Leadership Modelthat plays squarely to women's strengths.

Whether you are a senior level executive, a mid-career manager or just starting out, Leading Gracefully is a must-read for women who want to get to the next level in their career and life. Through personal stories and those of female executives and entrepreneurs from the world of technology, science, retail and non-profits, you will learn how to successfully use feminine' strengths combined with traditional traits to breakthrough gender bias. Use it as self-coaching how-to' guide, with 15 powerful exercises, tips and resources you can apply right away to gain more confidence, authenticity and effectiveness. Are you ready to to be an inclusive leader, fostering innovation and collaboration on the teams and businesses you manage? Are you ready to be a game changer?


Monique Svazlian Tallon is a Feminine Leadership expert, executive coach, leadership trainer and speaker specializing in empowering women and closing the gender gap. Founder of Highest Path Consulting and the Women & Power Leadership Forum, her diversity and inclusion work is driven by a deep desire to help create a world where men and women hold equal positions of power.


"Leading Gracefully offers women a unique road map to effectively combine feminine strengths with traditional qualities of leadership-an essential and balanced approach in meeting the complex challenges of the 21st century. This book is a must-read for any woman who wants to make a bigger impact in the world."
- John Gerzema, New York Times Bestselling author of The Athena Doctrine

"I found Leading Gracefully to be informative and full of the latest research as it relates to women's leadership. It provides an opportunity to be introspective and the exercises allow you to get into real action to up your game." I think working women in all stages of their career from entry level to senior executives could benefit from reading this book.
Patti Solaski, Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Microsoft