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Letters to the Church

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If God had it His way, what would your church look like?

The New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Love challenges readers to be the Church as God intends.
  • Do you want more from your church experience?
  • Does the pure gospel put you in a place of awe?
  • Are you ready to rethink church as you know it?

Sit with Pastor Francis Chan and be reminded that you are a part of something much bigger than yourself, something sacred.

In his most powerful book yet, Chan digs deep into biblical truth, reflects on his own failures and dreams, and shares stories of ordinary people God is using to change the world.

Chan says, We've strayed so far from what God calls Church. We all know it. We know that what we're experiencing is radically different from the Church in Scripture. For decades, church leaders like myself have lost sight of the inherent mystery of the Church. We have trained people sitting in the pews to become addicted to lesser things. It's time for that to change.

When Jesus returns, will He find us caring for His Brideeven more than for our own lives? Letters to the Church reminds us of how powerful, how glorious the Church once was and calls us to once again be the Church God intended us to be.


Francis Chan is the bestselling author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God, Erasing Hell, Multiply, and You and Me Forever. He is currently a pastor of We Are Church, a house church network that is planting churches in Northern California. Francis and his wife of twenty-five years, Lisa, have seven children and one beautiful granddaughter.


I recently had a young man ask me why we go to church? The guy is a believer and went on to ask me where did our interpretation of church come from, because he can't find it in the Bible.

Ever since then my heart has been stirred and eyes open that we are missing out. We are missing the big picture of church.

Francis takes you through what the church looks like in the New Testament while talking about his personal experiences in a mega church and where God has called him to bring the church today.

Amazing. Riveting. Eye opening. This book is everything for the church today. -Amy

Letters to the Church is perhaps the most convicting book I've read in a long time. As a person who was a part of a week long learning experience with the home church network Chan started in San Francisco, I was thinking this book would be a regurgitation of the lessons I was taught there.I was not prepared for how deeply this book was going to impact me. I've never had a book that has caused me to stop reading and start praying to ask God's forgiveness for how low I have viewed His Church. I really appreciated Francis' approach in writing this book. He doesn't demand that you follow his model, but he asks you to really self evaluate what you believe. I think this book is so essential for the American Church that I bought ten copies and have given them to people in my church. For those who are unable to see past their preferences for what the Church should be, this book will not change your mind on the subject. However, for those who are open to what the Church can be, this book may change your entire life. -Kurt Sears