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Letting Go Saved My Life: How Letting Go Can Help You Grow

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A very close brush with death as a student pilot in his early thirties greatly changed Reinhard’s outlook on life. This experience, where letting go literally saved his life, began a process of weeding out those things that had been holding him back and trusting God in any circumstance he would encounter.

This book will challenge you to reflect upon and let go of whatever is holding you back. It is the author’s hope that it will help you begin the process of excavating your heart and mind. You may be surprised at what you have been carrying around.

At the end of each chapter, you will be asked questions to contemplate and journal. Some of the questions will cut right to the heart, not to hurt, not to judge, but to challenge; for you to reflect deeply on your journey and identify areas for potential growth. They are designed to help you come to your “Aha” moments and breakthroughs that will change your life.


Reinhard Klett, Performance Coaching, uniquely personalized to their specific needs.

As a Certified High Performance Coach™ I coach my clients to apply the 5 High Performance Habits which extensive research has identified to be strongly correlated to higher performance and fulfillment in life. To raise their profitability, I help leaders to develop outstanding company cultures with fully engaged employees.

Another tool in my coaching program is my highly rated book “Letting Go Saved My Life”. Sharing the lessons from a personal story of survival in which letting go literally saved my life, I have inspired many readers to let go of things in their lives, which hold them back from becoming their best, and do the things that matter most to them.

Working in the corporate world for 30 years I have experienced many different corporate cultures.  This has given me a keen sense on how cultures impact productivity, employee health and satisfaction, and the bottom line. Hence my passion to coach business leaders.

You may also contact Reinhard at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule him for speaking or leadership engagements.