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This Course will set the stage for you to learn and grow, secure the money you deserve, and become a winning grant writer through this exclusive 12 part online course.  Each month, you will have the opportunity to learn one of the 12 Secrets to Winning Free Grant Money, where you’ll learn our secrets, including:

  • Secret Number One: The goal needs to be winning... Writing is simply a method used in achieving that goal.
  • Secret Number Two: Thinking that grant writing is a fancy direct-mail campaign is a really bad idea.
  • Secret Number Three: Different people are looking at different sections of your proposal.
  • Secret Number Four: Before you take the money, you’d better really think about whether it’s actually good for you.
  • Secret Number Five: Find funders that are not over-approached.
  • Secret Number Six: Funders are often disconnected from the funding need.
  • Secret Number Seven: Your PR has everything to do with your grant writing
  • Secret Number Eight: Most funders are approached with a desperate need year after year. What they are looking for is an effective partnership that will make a difference in their community.
  • Secret Number Nine: Most organizations are all over the place in their efforts.
  • Secret Number Ten: Without the correct perspective on the part of your leaders about Grant Writing, your efforts will become more and more sluggish.
  • Secret Number Eleven: Most organizations think they have the best approach out there. But do they? Uniqueness coupled with effectiveness is what will set you apart for the funding.
  • Secret Number Twelve: Quantify as much as you can as often as you can.

Two Modules

  • Grant Writing Introduction
  • 12 Secrets to Wining Grant Writing