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Redeeming Conflict: 12 Habits For Christian Leaders

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It seems counterintuitive: conflict can be a blessing. But Catholic theologian and conflict mediator Ann M. Garrido identifies conflict as a fruitful exchange that arises from living and working together in the diverse world God created. Garrido, author of the bestselling Redeeming Administration, offers twelve practical habits for responding to conflict. In Redeeming Conflict, Ann Garrido explains that conversion comes through conversation, that there is a difference between "the truth" and "my truth," and that you should be curious and practice "Pentecost listening"-or empathetic listening-even if you think something is way off base. Garrido will help Christian leaders discover how to speak directly with colleagues about tensions and about how to get to know themselves well enough to keep from becoming defensive in the face of negative feedback. She uses saintly examples to illustrate her points, calling upon stories of St. Francis and a Muslim sultan, Leo the Great, Archbishop Oscar.


Ann M. Garrido is associate professor of homiletics at Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, Missouri. While her first passion is teaching, for more than fifteen years she has found herself increasingly drawn to administrative roles. Garrido has served as senior editor of Human Development Magazine and is the author of five books, including the award-winning Redeeming Administration, which has sold more than 10,000 copies. She travels nationally and internationally doing conflict education and mediation work in both the business and Church worlds.


"Ann Garrido's Redeeming Conflict is a must for anyone engaged in pastoral ministry! It is an easy-to-read guide for understanding and even appreciating conflict as a practical way to move forward in relationships between persons and groups. The stories of saints and greats, known and unknown, are particularly interesting and insightful. Garrido's style is breezy and light, informed and rigorous. This book has the potential to make a great difference in how we, as persons and church, communicate, dialogue, and resolve problems."
Sr. Rose Pacatte, F.S.P., Director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies

"Ann Garrido's book Redeeming Administration was a hit with the principals in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and taught us all that the 'ministry is in the interruption.' Now, with Redeeming Conflict, she teaches us that conflict is the mechanism whereby God 'matures creation.' While conflict is inevitable in both our work and personal lives, Garrido paints a wonderful picture of how we can effectively listen, navigate tensions, and live in communion with fellow travelers on this journey in faith."
Kevin Baxter, Senior Director and Superintendent of Schools, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

"Ann Garrido shares great insight into leading God's people and facing conflict. She helps us become more self-aware and fosters pastoral sensitivity for those unavoidable times when we encounter discord and tension."
Most Rev. Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans

"We are once again indebted to Ann Garrido for leading us through an enlightening theological reflection on our common human experience and for helping us see the task of redeeming conflict as a lifelong calling to enter more deeply into the very heart of God."
David Lichter, Executive Director, National Association of Catholic Chaplains

"Every person in a leadership position--indeed anyone who is employed--should first be required to review this book. Dr. Garrido takes us on a journey of self-reflection through her questions at the end, and throughout each chapter which, if we are honest with ourselves, has the ability to transform the world's thinking."
Janice Edwards-Armstrong, Director of Leadership Education, Association of Theological Schools